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Thanks Rain. Looks the same as here!


When I went to bed last night it was -7.8c,  when I got up this morning it was -11.2c, and now it's only -7.5c,  cant see it getting much warmer. so cold in fact that I haven't even taken the dog out as it's too cold for her feet,  she got them burnt 2 years ago when the council put the grit/salt down on the footpaths so one foot is very tender when it's this cold,  so she had a mad dash in the back garden then dashed back in again.


Oh heck Rain. We were warmer this morning than bedtime last night. Lowest so far has been -4.8C.

It's trying to snow out there now- WManchester- & actually just above freezing, which makes sense.

Take care peeps. J.



Guess that means the snow is heading my way Jo as we are ona  similar parallel I think,  it is forecast for Friday and the sky does look a bit grey now,  it was blue sky and sunshine ho hum

Bunny ...
Just above zero north Cumbria , we have pretty much missed the snow this year which I'm happy about ....hope it stays that way !
Sounds like snow is on its way now. Have topped up my bird feeders and put some fruit out.
Here in East Yorkshire had snow on the ground since Monday, with top ups on the days since. However, it's not good building snow so the snowmen are generally small. Hoping the flurry we had earlier will turn into something more productive so we can build something worthwhile Have had to keep dusting off the leaves of some of my evergreen plants, poor bamboo nearly snapped! Yes keep feeding the birds and don't forget that they get thirsty too.

Lots of small snowflakes this afternoon in Marlow, Bucks, but didn't settle.


Another couple of inches overnight here in Norfolk, on top of the lot that dumped on us on Tuesday.  I'm working from home today!

Snow was a possibility last night but we had rain..lots of it.....instead. East Cornwall though did get snow. Still relatively mild though. Many roads are flooded again and blocked. Some cars abandoned because of floods. Hope everybody is ok whether snow bound or flooded
Kathy 2
It snowed here ( west Manchester ) yesterday evening. Much of it is still here this morning ( only a light layer though ) and it's snowing now.
I feel sorry for all who have to travel in it. Luckily, I'm retired.

Have some today but my daughter in St Austell has only got wind and rain, her baby, now 3 has never seen snow. 




Birds very busy and active around the feeders, especially the robin who would like tthink that one of the feeders is especially for him, and him alone!  (It could be her of course, but his attitude is testosterone flavoured!) We had a small cloud of long tailed tits yesterday.  Where do they go afterwards, and how does something that small survive these bitter nights?  Our beech hedge is a highway for all birds (and the fox at night), but at least the squirrels have gne to sleep for a short while.   Will have to go down and deal with the fruit cage, forgot to take the top netting off earlier in the year, so self inflicted injury I'm afraid.  More snow forecast, no more than a couple or three inches at present, but very hard freeze. 


It's snowing again here West Manchester, not particularly heavy. 1-2ins at the most so far. Temperature has actually fallen again from first thing to definitely below freezing.

I have just seen a grit lorry go down our road, which must be a first in 30yrs!! Not sure it actually did drop any grit though as seemed a bit fast? J.

very heavy snow when we woke at 6.00am - having a snow day at home, happy to watch it still heavily falling down


Caz W

Well, the weather forecast was right - we have snow and plenty of it and it's still snowing and blowing around!

Lots of snow here for Worcestershire no work for me yippee