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Jean Genie

West Lancs - blizzard since last night.  Getting quite deep now Have ordered sleigh and pair of Huskies,

Don't like it.

flowering rose

The snow has come to the west and its still falling,were not so tough as you lot up north and there has been a lot of skidding and sliding and that's not on sledge.poor birds look forlorn on the roof tops and I spot fox prints going across the pristine white lawn!



We are getting lots of lovely photos of people's gardens in the snow on several different threads. I hope we get to see the same gardens again in the summer.

chilli lover

We've has about 4" in our part of Hampshire which is pretty unusual!

hollie hock

Proper snow has arrived here too, haven't had any here for a couple years.

Lovely Winter pictures



It has stopped now after 8 hours or so




Still snowing here. !0 hours or so now  Went outside to take some pics and snow up to ankle or higher, about 6ins maybe!


About 2" of snow in the Fens


Snow finally stopped

Snowing slightly on the Wirral, was heaviest this morning. I skidded a few times, so thort it would be a good idea to put my ice grips on. Felt like superwoman, could do cartwheels, run, jump, there was nothing holding me back.

Flower bird, are these ice grips that fit over your boot soles and have metal studs? If so, how do you keep them on your feet; I found that they keep falling off.

Yes, they are rubber with metal studs, bit of a job getting them on my shoes but they are very secure. Think I paid about ??10 for them from a sports shop. I had a nasty fall during that bad winter a few years ago and felt it was worth getting a good pair.

I have about 8 inches of the blasted stuff,  had a nice steady slow thaw this morning everything going nicely then about 4.30 it started again and carried on the flakes getting bigger and bigger,  it's stopped at the moment but for how long I don't know.



The Fens; 1.5 inches from yesterday; roads pretty clear.


Have about four to five inches here at the mo.


Worcs - snowing here now, slowly getting heavier, wasn't forecast for here!