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Lavender Lady

We are in Suffolk and as yet no snow, but it is bitterly cold.  Just wondering if anyone has got any yet ?


Nothing around Peterborough yet, forecast for tomorrow here. But I shan't mind if it doesn't come.

Lavender Lady

Yes I agree with you nutcutlet, won't mind at all if it decides to bypass us.

Kathy 2

Nothing in Atherton (west of Manchester) but the sky is beginning to look that funny shade of grey. I love the snow but don't like it for travelling in!



No - not in Worcs. But so, so cold!

Kathy 2

Just lokked out of the window - VERY fine snow starting to float down.

Nothing yet but if there is some near Manchester it won't be long before it comes over the Pennines to Holmfirth in West Yorkshire


Gary Hobson

I'm a bit confused by the forecast. The MET Office website predicts at least 4 hours of 'heavy snow' for the West Midlands, during the early hours, although the forecast on BBC telly didn't look as bad.

Anyway, I've just been outside to garden shed to retrieve snow shovel, and leaf blower. No point in having them in the shed. The snow shovel, from Homebase, is just a large square of plastic on the end of a stick, but quite effective for clearing soft snow. I haven't tried using a leaf blower to clear snow before, but would like to try it, if the opportunity arises.

Temperatures are forecast to stay above freezing here, so whatever falls may turn to slush.

Kathy 2

Snow stopped now - nothing stuck. Sky def has a grey cast, maybe more up there.  


We have snow.  Started last night with just half an inch or so sticking on feilds and gardens and roof tops.  Another  inch or so today and below freezing so it'll stay.  More expected on Tuesday apparently.   Roads seem to have been gritted so OK for now.   Don't know what my gaily budding clems and rhubarb are going to make of it all.


It's been snowing here in Lancashire for most of the afternoon, not heavy though and it isn't sticking.  


On the S/W edge of Norwich, we had a sprinkiling while I was in the shower this morning, and then a little more fine  powdery stuff around 11ish, but there's only a little white haze on the garage roof now, nothing more.  We actually had bright sunshine and blue skies this afternoon.

Just started very lightly in Huddersfield, west yorks

Sort of sleeted earlier in WManchester. Nothing stuck & it's stopped now.

Daughter says similar light sleet/snow in Bury area.

Temperature dropping, only just above freezing out there at the mo. J.



The Fens; A neighbour has just told me she saw the A47 between Wisbech and Kings Lynn being gritted at 3.30 this afternoon; perhaps the Council know something we don't?

The Manic Slughunter

Nothing down South Coast..yet:/ don't want a repeat of last year


It's stopped snowing here now and stuck in all the wrong places like on the GH and  in flower beds The gritters are out in force and as a precuation the car's been moved off the hill and around the corner.

Don't want to be the bringer of bad news Jo but I suspect it's on it's way to Manchester unless it's moving up the country in which case, Rain and Frank will get it.



Just taken dog for late night widdle and we have snow. not heavy, but covering ground

muddy mare

yes justed looked out we white over south staffs