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I'm think of planting a Cercis Canadensis somewhere in my garden.  Last year we relocated back to the UK from Kansas, USA and these trees were always stunning in Spring time.  As my daughter was born over there I was thinking I'd plant one for her to reflect on our time there.  

Will they grow ok over here and will we get the beautiful blossom that I used to love in these climates ? 

Any advice gratefully received.  thank you. 

I planted one 18 months ago and it did flower last spring before the leaves come through. It may be because my tree is still small but I nearly overlooked the flowers as there weren't  that many but it did flower.

 You mean to say it didn't flower as much as this ?  I'm wondering if we will get enough heat over here to get this kind of display. (this was in Kansas)


Are you going to get one of those with the purple leaves Peanuts? 'Forest Pansy'


I had a Forest Pansy 11 years ago.  It took one look at my winters and curled up its toes.  Not what I'd expect from something called Canadensis.



Same happened to one in a friend's garden. It didn't die but the amount of dead wood spoiled the shape of the tree. It was a shapely 8-10 feet. now just a blob. It was the winter before last that did it. It had been OK for some years

They can definitely cope with cold as we used to get nights of -25C ! I'm thinking maybe they don't like waterlogged soil.  Maybe best not plant it this year then. 


-25c is fine if there's a covering of snow to insulate plants and roots.  I had -25C without snow and with bitter, drying, easterly winds.   Lost loads of plants.

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