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Sunny today so maybe some daffs will get on with it but none anywhere near ready to flower yet and some only just poking through.

We're expecting downpours tomorrow and more on ednesday which will be sleety and possibly snowy.    At least we have no more significant minus temps due with nighttimes set to hover around zero. 

Bunny ...
Spring is struggling here

Spring is in full swing here, we have daffs, bluebells are sprouting, primulas by the dozen.. 

Here you got for those that haven't seen the other thread. 



Felt spring-like today Hooray They say snow on itsway


I've looked at the 5 day forecast and the temperatures are going up towards the end of it.


Up this morning 3in of snow melted as day went on but is back on again just now oh spring hurry up and let us all enjoy our gardens.

Regardless of the snow today, yes spring is here as far as im concerned!. The birds are singing their hearts out, my crocus' are out and my wee tete a tete daffs are brightening up my garden here and there. The bullfinches are back nipping the buds from my trees and when the sun does shine there is just that wee bit of heat....


Biting cold high winds with snow today more to come at end of week, my plants are in and out of the poly tunnel so much i need a revolving door, think i'll just leave them under wraps till May...


Bunny ...
Good exercise Percy grower

I've brought my plug plants into the house in desperation...they are so tiny though i think they will still most probably die

Warmed up today in the Chilterns - thought spring had arrived, but probably not! Lovely and warm in greenhouse though.
Bunny ...
Just look after them mysterywoman , they can surprise with their strength

Spring arrived and so did light snow hmmmm

The Fens; just had a flurry of snow, but it hasn't settled. All the things on my huge gardening list will have to wait.

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