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Here in Cheshire spring just has not arrived yet!   Not one daffodil in flower to be seen in my garden.  What is it like where you are?

Yep spring here in Cornwall. Daffs everywhere, flowering currants, berberis Darwinii, hellebores, etc etc.
Jean Genie

Just the usual here in West Lancs. Primroses, snowdrops, croci and some early daffs but Spring is on hold - cold and wet.

Roll on March 21st.


It has.

It hasn't.

It has.


My daffs and hyacinths have been out for about  3 weeks now...My Lilac flower buds are appearing..Ive had one (small) rose appear on one of my rose bushes but it has since died... My wisteria is getting it furry flower buds. And my peach tree is starting to show its blossom buds...Hope I have more luck with it this year - as last years weather killed all my peaches off. 



It hasn't.  Snow forecast for Tuesday after 2 days of heavy rain.  Joy.


amazing the difference on such a small island, my daffs etc are only just poking through up here in sunderland. Saying that im on the outskirts in the city centre they starting to bloom

I'm in Central London so my things seem to last longer and start earlier

hollie hock

artjak, I know what you mean, I'm just waiting for a prolongued bit of sun to open up all the lovely crocus. Nearly happened today


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Hollyhock

Spring in leeds is taking off slow, although we have quite a lot of snowdrops, a few tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. Just very cold
Bunny ...
They as spring will be late ....JULY

rumor has it its coming in April or May then again June


Bunny ...
As I said July ....or August.....neverrrrrr

Hard to believe that this time last year they were already talking droughts and hosepipe bans.


Bunny ...
Wellllllll ....not up here , drought ????
This time last year we had temps reaching nearly 20 degrees in the SE, having said that, it was about the only warm spell we had. Fingers crossed it's just a little shy at the moment but promising a better summer.

Yes I remember it well dry in Feb wet in March  April and Scorcher the first 2 wks in May and then rain every day till last week



In South West France, Dordogne, you would be thinking Spring had arrived. It thought it had about 10 days ago, but it changed it's mind. Zero temps every morning and pouring now. A few daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops are on the way out. Tulips that are meant to flower in April are just poking out 1" tall. We've had snow several times.


Same here, Busy-Lizzy, the only things blooming are snowdrops and winter aconite, everything else is still in hibernation. Snow showers again right now!