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We have an area of grassland which we have been trying to turn into a wildflower meadow. This year the yellow rattle is really getting established (thanks Nutcutlet

), and new flowers have started appearing (we haven't sown any seed, so it is just what is in the seedbank, plus donations from passing wildlife).  Today,I found this



 The last pic is its leaves - sort of like a mini-tulips leaves but narrower, with purple spots on.

my Sarah Raven book says it might be a Heath Spotted orchid.....does anyone know

Dove is right, what a lovely find! It's mainly a northern and western species, so quite unusual in your area. You could upload your photos to Orchid Observers and help their research.


Thanks both I have been holding my breath, just in case I was wrong, but now I am really really super excited

Will post my pics on orchid-observers - thanks for the link landgirl


How wonderful chicky



How exciting. I plant bought ones and they disappear after the first year. You obviously have the right fungal mix in the soil.  I hope they increase for you.

Katherine W

I'd definitely think that's it... here it comes in pink, light to very dark.


Thanks ....still smiling broadly here


Are they protected as a species at all? Looks lovely.

Sunflower Lady

That's ifantastic Chicky, it's beautiful.......I'm not at all jealous  x

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