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Shrinking Violet


Every year I swear I shall plant some PaperWhite narcissi for Christmas - and every year I miss the boat.  So this year, as soon as I saw the bulbs in the local GC, I bought them, and planted them. 

I anticipated that they would need to be planted rather like hyacinths, and the on-line tutorial by Sarah Raven seemed to back that up.  But . . . . . . .

Happy though the bulbs may be, and early though the initial growing phase may be, a couple of them seem to be lifting themselves (heaving themselves!)  out of the bowl.  The roots look to be strong (too strong, perhaps). 

So - should I let them do their stuff regardless?  Or quickly re-plant them, nose up, but with deeper root runs?

Suggestions gratefully received!

Shrinking Violet

Thanks Dove.  I've replanted them.  Two had extremely vigorous root systems (hence their heaving themselves out of the bowl) and the others were, perhaps, being stunted as a result.  I looked again at the Sarh Raven tutorial, and I hadn't done anything wrong - but perhaps these two bulbs were much more aggressive (can bulbs be aggressive?) and causing problems. 

Anyway - the deed is done, and I hope that the outcome will be a positive and fragrant display in due course!


Shrinking Violet

Just a quick update:  the bulbs have been very healthy and have grown well.  The two more active ones are now in flower.  One bulb is in bud, and the other two are behaving as I would have expected ie leaf growth showing good signs of developing flowers for Christmas or thereabouts.

I have to say that the actual flowers are much smaller than I had anticipated and the perfume not as strong as I expected.  But at least I tried!

(hyacinths next year, methinks)


I find that the perfume of paperwhites is so strong that it can bring on an asthma attack in OH - the only time I grew them they had to be jettisoned to the outdoors 


Shrinking Violet

I was expecting a real perfume punch, Dove, but it was disappointing.  Mind you, it could be my age   The Nicotiana that I grew from seed and planted out this year in the garden were slow to grow, and low on perfume, too.  Perhaps I'm losing my sense of smell!  (Oh, well, it could be worse I suppose!!!)


Hyacinthis give me Asthma attacks and my father-in-law buy's them every year but it's his Christmas tradition How do I keep them after they have flowered ??

I've thrown them away in the past


My mum, daughter and myself had to put them outside, we think they absolutely pong, other half thought  someone had trod something in!

They dont grow next year outside so all in all a waste of money, they are not cheap.


Plant them outside in a quiet corner - they grow again in the following years, but won't be as full and lush as in the first year - still pretty tho'.

However, if you have Native English Bluebells in the area then don't plant your hyacinths outside - they could interbreed. 

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