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Instant problem with the first question.  Some people still use shears as they get a better finish.   Your survey assumes everyone is motorised.  An opportunity missed to investigate alternative means.


Beware, before you click on this link, you may like to type it into your search box and read up on it. 


Thanks Lyn, I won't try it.

Is it one of those that needs reporting to the moderator do you think?


It might be dubious - this poster also started a thread about hedgetrimmers recently. Hmmm 



Yes, it should be reported in my op.


im just i student researching about hedge trimmers, as i am doing a project on them and how to improve them. That is why there are mutiple posts as i am trying to get as much info as possible.



We have a Stihl electroc job which needs a service and a good sharpen.  OH hate sit so has bought himself some hand shears - to do 7m x 2m of hawthron hedge, 10 m x 2 m of conifer hedge and he's also done my 20m x 60cm box hedge after the leccy trimmers shredded the leaves.  We do the holly hedge with secateurs.

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