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A bit of a wet started first thing but nothing a cup of tea and later breakfast didn't cure after that a nice sunny day  on my way to site this morning there was a tractor mounted monster hacking at the hedge in a near by village hall what did they do in past in parks and gardens before these rough neck machine came in to play yes I did say about hacking a hedge in half with a chainsaw yesterday but it only looks bad on a one of time tractor hedge cutting seem to be every year nearly in local public places anyway done the hedge around one of our site only cut once of year because of size of it been asked to do horn thorn aswell now but tackle that in jan/feb time to let birds get the berries first and before they started nesting in march    


hi normally the tractor uses a flail to cut hawthorn edges etc. I been doing edges today 7 hours of it  as well coming down with man flu i feel like death. I have to use a small scaffolding/ ladders with various edge cutters all different sizes and lengths. But before scaffolding it was all do on ladders. council probably use a cherry picker for high edges.  


To be honest, i cant make head nor tail out of this post, with no punctuation its very difficult. Now is time to start hedging isnt it?


Dunnow ot umea nlyn   Wh onee dspunc tuati on

 like it Verdun school not my strong point why I don't work in a offices.    (. , / ? ' !)  



Del, it's a wise man that knows his own strengths and weaknesses and lives his life accordingly 

flowering rose

to cut hedges now is the best time as it avoids the nesting period of birds ,I have done a bit of hedge clipping too but always more to do!

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