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When I got home from work the other night, (about 10:30) I thought I saw hedgehog in the garden. What do I look for to find out if it was a hedgehog, and if it is what do I feed it on.

Victoria Sponge

How cool

Hedgehog poo looks like this (it was the first thing I noticed):

 I feed mine on a mix from the rspb but I don't think it is necessary to buy a special mix. It contains suet, cranberry, peanuts, sunflower hearts and dried mealworms. I pad it out with cat biscuits if I'm getting low.

I would make a log pile in the hope it comes to live in your garden.


Hey thanks for the pic. I think it may well be a hedgehog. I've been blaming a small dog for the poo I've been finding. 

Victoria Sponge

I know other people on here have hedgehogs too (I've only had one for about 6 months) so hopefully they'll be along with more info.

Its great being 'chosen' though isn't it?


I have them, posted a piccy last year, I fed him some cat biscuits just to keep him while I got the camera, but I dont feed them,they are supposed to be eating slugs from the garden, I dont want him fat and lazy on dog food and not do his job.  There are little bowls of water around though.


We have two, maybe three HUGE hogs visit our garden every night.  We put peanuts in a tray on the ground to stop the squirrel from attacking the bird feeders and the hedgehogs have a real meal of these every night.  That can't be their only food as we have absolutely no slugs in the garden.  We actually cut a hole in the bottom our of wooden side gate so they could come and go.  They are quite used to us shining a torch on them when they are feeding and only scoot if we go out in the garden.

The other night there were two circling around one another and making grunting noises - mating dance ? They disappeared into the bushes...............

Keep an eye out for the little ones in the future belle...........I do they manage it without getting prickled?  

I feed mine on dog food, but i remember watching something were they fed them dog/cat biscuits. As long as it dosent contain milk, i dont think they are fussy!

I buy Chapelwood hedgehog biscuits from the GC and mix it with sunflower seeds, chopped bird peanuts, raisins, broken up banana chips and dried mealworms.  They love it.  


Hedgehog muesli!  They sometimes wake us up at night, pushing their dish around on the terrace, huffing and puffing and crunching.  They always take a good drink from the shallow bowl of fresh rainwater from the water butt that we put out every evening. 

Lots of helpful stuff here 


If you want to find out more about hedgehogs I can recommend a great book I am reading at the moment which dispells a lot of myths and explains alot too.

The New Hedgehog Book by Pat Morris

green fingered finch

We have 2 or 3 hedgehogs that visit our garden nightly. We leave out dry hedgehog food on a little saucer on one of the paving slabs.. when they come along they stand on the saucer and tip it up, making a 'chink' sound on the paving slab which we hear from our bedroom... it always makes us smile.



Hedgehogs are omnivores like us - they get protein from meat (often carrion) and insects as well as slugs (although as they carry lungworm they're not so good for them).  They also eat fallen nuts, grains and fruit. 


I want a hedgehog  ive  got tons of slugs for it.



Sunnysarah, have you got a pond? My slug issues are much better now ive got an army of frogs, the hedgehog seems to prefer dog food!

I don't really want to put cat food down as we have lots of cats in the area and I dont want to encourage them into my garden  


That's why I use the bought hedgehog biscuits and the mix of chopped nuts, seeds and fruit with a few dried mealworms, as I described above.  

Cats aren't interested in it and the birds come and clear up any spillages - hedgehogs are messy feeders.


Ive got lots of frogs but obviously more slugs than they can handle.


My hedgehog does a great job of sweeping up all the sunflower seeds that the birds drop. Best place to see him / her as it gets dusk under feeders. Then it's down the path for a drink of fresh water and then a tramp on my aubrietta