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09/03/2014 at 19:46

we need to form a hedge round the outside of our garden we have two front gardens one one the front and one on the side being on a corner plot unfortunately people think its there right to let there dogs go on there even though I have put signs up. we want it to grow dense and about 5ft quickly and be evergreen so we can open it up into our other garden and enjoy it for what it is supposed to be any suggestions?

09/03/2014 at 20:04

I would plant a holly hedge - it's an evergreen British Native and provides good cover and nesting opportunities for wildlife, it'll form a dense hedge which will deter intruders and you can also have berried holly branches for Christmas. 

It grows much more quickly than people think, but I would erect a windbreak screen  around the outside and plant the holly inside - that little bit of protection will help the holly to bulk up a bit more quickly, and will also stop passers by and their dogs from damaging it until it has grown into a sturdy hedge.


09/03/2014 at 20:04

jools - I know the problem only too well  Keep phoning the council and reporting it to the dog warden.  Unfortunately now that you've put a sign there, it often encourages some clowns to see it as a challenge.

If you want something more formal to keep neatly clipped and shaped,the quickest growing evergreen  would be laurel, but it does get big and it doesn't look good if you try to keep it small, so it depends how much room you have. If it's a smaller area, privet would be the next best, although it's not strictly evergreen and can lose a bit of foliage over winter. If you want something more informal, you could try Berberis - one of the green ones, as the purples are deciduous. Nice and jaggy too!

09/03/2014 at 20:10

thanks for that we have a large area 60ft to hedge so quite a challenge. 

09/03/2014 at 20:13

If any encouragement, don't make the mistake of thinking that the bigger the plants you buy the quicker the hedge will grow.  

Larger hedging plants often take quite a while to settle and establish after transplanting before they grow away, while smaller plants will quite often catch up or even overtake the growth of bigger ones as the transplant shock isn't such a big deal for them. 

09/03/2014 at 20:46

Take time to prepare the area well jools. It will pay dividends. I had to remove turf round the boundary and put a fence in, and I then used plenty of decent compost and manure which was left to rot down over the summer before planting my bare root hedging (Blackthorn) in November. I added extra compost and a little Blood, Fish and Bone when I put the whips  in. 

09/03/2014 at 21:24

we did have a fence a couple of neighbours objected to made headlines in the newspaper believe it or not even though we had gone through the proper channels and had planning permission from the local council. they took us to court and we had no choice but to compromise and take the fence back 40ft  as the solicitors fees were getting ridiculous. they now park vans and cars round the bend so they couldn't see the fence anyway and we had planted climbers and flowers round it to make it pretty.even though we couldn't see them. So that part of our garden has not really been used even though we maintain it and keep it a hedge would solve our problems hopefully.


09/03/2014 at 21:55

If you want to get it off your chest and we are all quite nosey, Why would you need permission to put up a fence? Unless it is next to a highway then you can put up a 2 metre fence on your own land.

09/03/2014 at 21:55

It beggars belief sometimes doesn't it jools? I don't understand what goes through people's heads nowadays. How ludicrous that you did everything right with planning etc yet you were taken to court. I had to put a fence round my boundary to stop  children constantly running through it. They'd been doing for years apparently according to a neighbour. Damaged a nice little cherry tree and other planting as well. I used to live a few hundred yards away for over 15 years and, after splitting up with my partner, I thought it would be nice to move back here. Biggest mistake I've ever made. I'll be moving once my youngest daughter finishes school in a couple of years. 

And that's why I've chosen Blackthorn as the hedge - incredibly jaggy 

09/03/2014 at 22:10

we were 2 meters in and 1.8 metres high which was expectable by the council. here goes. they had banners on their houses clayhanger needs space not a fence in your face lol very poetic. Then we had a coach full of Councillors walking round our garden great eh. we then went to a council meeting to discuss this with our neighbours and the council agreed the fence could stay....... then the papers were getting stories from the neighbours saying, where are their children going to play ..... its our garden...... we had people driving from miles to take a look. lol that's when they decided to take us to court with a mediator.

09/03/2014 at 22:12

oh we didn't need permission we thought wed just do it the right way.

10/03/2014 at 02:27


Blinking ridiculous! Do the children not have their own gardens to play in? Do the parents want them to play in the dog doo that others have left behind? If the kids have nowhere to go, nor the dogs, then surely the council should address that? Poo bins are not expensive (although then they would have to empty them!), and give the kids a park. Everyone is entitled to peace and no trespass on their own property, surely?

Or if the neighbours are that bothered, tell them to make you an offer for the land that YOU bought with YOUR house, then they can own it and do what they like with it. Somehow don't imagine that they would take you up on THAT offer!

How many of them have fences or a boundary of some sort?

Do you have kids or a dog of your own? if not, borrow them, and let them play and crap in your neighbours' gardens and see how they like it! I'd bring mine if I was closer! Oh, and I meant, the kids to play and the dogs to crap, but I suppose either way would work, now I think about it

Anyway, I too would go for the jaggiest fence possible. Would have suggested a mixed hedge for wildlife, but poor birds would never be able to settle, would they? I just googled 'thorny hedges', and allsorts came up, even some recommended by the police.

Have the police been no use? Trespass is a criminal offence, is it not?

I just think it is such a shame that people can't just live in peace. There are so many threads on here about bad neighbours, and usually some form of boundary dispute. It makes me appreciate my neighbours so much more, as I am very lucky. If I'm annoying them in some way, they have never said, and we all help each other in some small way. In fact, I've always been very lucky, throughout my life, and usually made good friends with neighbours, even if a wee hiccup along the way. I've obviously been lucky not to have a cantankerous one. Perhaps we should do a 'Kenny Everett'. 'Round 'em up, put 'em in a field, and bomb the b******s'

Or a banner saying 'peace not poops'.(tongue should be IN the cheek, there!) Better still,' Do not cross this line, Toxic waste' , with a skull and crossbones. After all, how many of these irresponsible dog owners worm and vaccinate their dogs? And toxocariasis is no laughing matter. If you are not a dog owner, and contract it from cleaning up their dog waste, could you sue all of the dog owners? They would soon wish they had let you keep the fence, then! More so if a child contracted it and went blind. Then I suppose they would sue you for getting rid of the fence!

Hope you resolve it all. I feel for you.I know it is not a joking matter, so I'm sorry if I have offended you. It was meant to cheer you a little, in a difficult situation 

10/03/2014 at 07:56

Jools - it makes you wonder who's the mug nowadays doesn't it? When you try to do it the right way, you're the one who gets the grief.

Trespass isn't a criminal offence jeannie - it's only if there's damage, and frankly the police don't give a toss anyway.  It's a bleeping joke. I had the same attitude when I politely asked people not to let their children run through my garden. Some of the replies were 'well you've got that bit fenced off so...', 'it's only grass',  'this is a family area, why did you move here?', it's not like he's picking your flowers' and 'what is your problem?' - that one was in a Vicky Pollard style complete with the shoulder movement ... It was the manner in which it was said that was the real issue. No respect for anyone or anyone's property.  An older woman said to me one day - 'they think when they buy a house they've bought the  whole street'. 

10/03/2014 at 17:38

thanks gardenjennie and fairygirl didn't mean it to sound I was using the forum to moan ........but it does help sometimes

10/03/2014 at 22:47


I think we have all had at least one moan on here. I'm pretty sure I've had several! 

E.G.I've loads of plants to dig out and divide. Working with dogs rest of week. Forecast said rain all day today, So I got out a whole yrs worth of papaerwork and list of calls I should have made wks ago. And what did the weather do?  a mini bloody heatwave is all! Said sun and 13C for Thurs and Fri, so trying to fit in all my work before then. So it WILL piss down then. Just to spite me and prove that the best laid plans, etc. I had a good tan by end of March last yr! Even with high factor. No chance this yr, but will still risk the odd early sowing on warmed raised beds. No real frost yet, so prob less  fruit, this yr. We all need to moan a bit now and again, and if doing that to essentially 'faceless' people saves the sanity of those closest to us, then I'm quite sure that it is a good thing to do. This is a very friendly forum, and people are very caring and helpful (please see the 'help for flooded gardens' thread, that should be found in 'hot threads. Sorry for the plug, but it will prove my point

there are many people who will listen and answer. And the beauty of a forum is that only interested people will answer. If no-one likes your thread, then you will have no replies, but nothing lost. You will still have got something off your chest. Or, you could gain some good online friends, and maybe more. So, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Win Win situation, I would say.

Keep your chin up, you have 4 supporters here,so far anyway, so bugger Clayhanger's rotten neighbours, and join our friendly forum. I highly recommend the music thread by tracey-newbie, the gardening jokes forum, and the 'forkers' thread to start with. You have no need to work backwards to catch up, that would be impossible on any of them. Newbies are welcomed (well, they put up with me!), and you get a great feel for the regulars here. Oh, and camera corner must not be missed, unless you have a serious aversion to the colour green!


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