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Hiya addict,

Im getting old, can't run the 100 metres anymore, volunteer a lot, care for old mum and "parent" to my niece, am passionate almost obsessive about plants and, like, Monty have a dog plodding around the garden. Am bit contentious, argumentative, dogged and to "stir" a bit!

  Garden in mild sw of Cornwall and grow a lot of tender plants.....cannas, salvias, etc. but not into exotic plants like agaves (too sharp) bananas (never seen one without its leaves shredded halfway during the growing season) .  Always trying new plants.  Lots,of hellebores, salvias, echinaceas, agastaches, and ornamental grasses (so under rated and under used).  Grow veg, fruit. and have small pool in a medium sized garden.  

Pottie Pam

Hi addict,

I'm 27 as well. I live in Cornwall too. There's a rumour that Verdun and Monty are one and the same person.

I've got a cottage style garden. Not too tidy but my excuse is that it's good for wildlife.

A few years ago I was lucky to buy about 8 acres of old mining land opposite the cottage. Left as it was apart fro creating a pond.

 My dog is a German Shepherd called Khan but more content to lie in the shade these days as he is 27 in dog years.

Pottie Pam.  I AM SO JEALOUS.

Cornwall too...good here isn't it?

What would I do with 8 acres?  Had a chance to buy smallholding once...a few acres with Greenhouses, polytunnels.....but couldn't agree over fine print at last moment.

Nearest now is when I help out a friend with nearly 6 acres.  I could really " go to town" with a few acres.  Never's often in my mind to do that.  

Hey!  Monty is my dad but he doesnt know about me yet.  



Thank you everyone for the rundown  Still can't look at your profiles but now feel I know a little more about you. So many from Cornwall! Obviously the place to be when you reach.....27. My mum also went that way when she reached 60...oops...27. She was on the north coast but is now in Looe and loves it. Have visited many gardens down there and have to say my fave was Trevarno but sadly believe it is no longer open to the public  So happy that so many of you are into wildlife preservation. There is hope yet. 

Pottie Pam

You wouldn't like the snakes, Verdun.   I've lived in Cornwall for about 35 years and do feel very privileged to live here.




No dont like snakes. Seen plenty of adders though.  Had to grab once  as my niece, then tiny, was peddling her trike and almost ran over it.  When they hiss it is scary close up. had a few dogs bitten too.  And, despite the theory, they do not hear you coming and get,out of,the way.....they dont have ears anyway

Although a few years down under as a kid I am a Cornishman through and through.

Addict, loved Trevarno too.  So tranquil, peaceful and perfect to relax in. Yes. It's all gone I'm afraid.

Susan Giles

Hi Addict,

I have just joined the forum today and am amazed at all the wonderful posts and advice. I can't wait to dip into as many as I can!

Welcome susan

Hope ??ou enjoy the charms of the forum

Pottie Pam

Hi Susan,

Welcome. I hope you like cake as much as gardening.

Susan Giles

I love gardening AND cake Pottie Pam. Thanks also to you Verdun. 


hello Susan and addict i am also 27 and live in south Cumbria bit high so very windy,

i grow fruit, veg, flowers, shrubs, trees anything that taks my fancy really. being 27 gives me all the time in world to do exactly as i want 

The potty gardener

Welcome Susan.There are some really lovely people on this forum. Also so much gardening knowledge.

Cake?  Cake?  What? Who? Where?


Hello Addict and Susan. I live in Dordogne, France. I have a bit over an acre of garden with perennials, annuals, shrubs and roses and a veggie garden, also a deer problem. Deer like roses and a lot else!

Just back from England. Met Bev in a garden centre, lovely to meet her.

I wish I was 27, but my daughter is 37!

Susan Giles

oh to be 27 again! You lucky youngster, little-ann.

Gosh, you are all lovely people. Thank you for the warm welcome and a big hello to you all. in whatever clime or garden you are in, with or without cake!! Lol!



Busy that shouldnt be a problem my daughter is 35 and her twin brother is 46


Hi Susan  And wheres the cake Pottie????????

Hello, I'm Hester.  Gardening in Ireland.  Seems a very nice friendly site.

nutcutlet wrote (see)

Was anyone standing by to video your rescue from the shady bank Dove?

Not flippin likely Nut!  I'd still be hiding up there behind the foxgloves if anyone had a camera around 

The potty gardener

Hi Hester. This is a wonderful site, both for gardening help and general chat.

Dove I would so love to see a pic of you at top of bank hiding behind foxgloves