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Susan Giles

Hi Hester. Hope the weather's good in Ireland too! I'm a newbie too and everyone's been very welcoming.

Dove, if I was hiding behind my foxgloves I would come out covered in blackfly!! Lol!


Hi Susan. Welcome to the mad house! Are'nt they all lovely?. If they are all 27, I'm 16!! wish i was in my garden right now, stuck at work on a lovely sunny day in Cheltenham.  Got a large garden on the edge of town overlooking the cotswold hills.
 Its quite shady with large trees, with sunny bits so we grow all sorts.


Susan Giles

Hi Gina, your garden sounds dreamy and what a lovely area of the country to live in. I am at home today and tantalisingly close to the garden, but won't be gardening today as I'm in the process of painting the outside of our house! Well, at least I can spend time looking at all their lovely colours instead.

I was given a gorgeous Mattocks rose called Smiles this time last year in memory of my mother-in-law, and its roses are so beautiful, the petals are red tipped then to orange and to yellow at the base. I will be enjoying their show again this summer! 

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