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I haven't made mincepies for years

How hot should the oven be? I don't want to burn them.

it's electric and fan. Hope you can help



I've made them Mark, just resting the pastry. Need to get the oven on

Secret Squirrel

Sorry, did not mean to be flippant. Just had a look at my wifes cooking notes, she pre-heats the oven to 200C and bakes for 10-13 mins until pale golden, then she cools for 5 mins.

hope that helps


About 200c for about 20 mins (preheat the oven though). Perhaps 190 if fan oven.



Lovely, thanks  Forester. Happy Christmas, I'll send you a mincepie

Oven on, allowance made for mine running at 30C higher than it says on the dial. I wondered why I kept burning things when I first had this oven. Then I bought an oven thermometer. It's a very nice oven once that's sorted out


Ooooooh  - I  just fancy a mince pie - that would be lovely with a good cup of tea.  Hope they turn out OK.

300C for 3 hours 


Verd...Santa will only put coal in your stocking this year...

Were they ok nut? 200 degrees for about ten to fifteen sounded about right to me. 


I'm not saving you one Verdun.  I was going to. But not now.

I'll have to get a new fire extinguisher


Oh, I'm a bit late to this one - I'm sure they were fine - instructions sound spot on 

Verdun - I think you've cooked your goose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I know this is probably too late, but fan ovens need to be quite a bit cooler - 180C is hot enough. Made some yummy mince pies this year from here:


They're good. thanks all (except Verdun) I did them at 165 NC. That's centigrade according to the Nut's oven.



I thought it was help to eat them bugger I will have to go and buy some then

Merry Christmas all



nut'll help you out with a recipe James!  



Happy Christmas James (and everyone else)


Happy Christmas nut, could I have mine with cream please?

Wot?   Wot did I say?


It's Christmas Verdun so I'll knock up another batch and you can have some.

300C for 3 hours, you know better than that. So do I fortunately

Cream, yes artjak. Happy Christmas

How do you like yours Verdun? Happy Christmas to you as well