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So as I said in an earlier post I have ordered plug plants for the first time this year. They arrived today - they are tiny - not a problem, just a project! I will pot them into bigger pots but don't know where best to keep them. I don't have a green house or cold frame. I do have a conservatory but I have just been out there and ita far to hot for young plants. Will they be ok outside during the day then in the conservatory at night? Or does anyone have any better ideas? House not an option - kitchen too small and rest of the house has cream carpets!!
Petunia 'Reflection' geranium and lobelia it was a hanging basket mix.
I don't want to buy a cold frame this year as its in the budget for next year but im happy to attempt making something for the mean time if you have any ideas??

I would put them in the conservatory for couple of days, water well first after potting on.  Cover with fleece or hang a lace or fleece "curtain" on the sunny side. Then put outside during the day and bring indoors at night.  Do this at least for a week.  This hardening off is essential for most every kind of plug in my opinion.  Plugs would have been brought on in perfect comditions so will not be "tough" yet



I am growing my own petunia, lobelia started from seed and geranium from plug and I am growing all of them on windowsills. These plants are still young and not frost hardy anyway.

Will they be ok in the conservatory during the day? Im at work most of the time so can only leave a little window open and its south facing. I have already managed to burn a lettuce leaf (poor thing)

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