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A lot of counties and towns that haven't had it as bad as some are helping others. Great I say, can't call it wartime spirit bit young for that. What positive things have you heard happening?


I'm a member of a Guiding Facebook page and we are looking to offer support and resources to those that have lost theirs. Not gardening related but worth a mention 


I set this going after seeing our local news.

A S.Yorks firm are sending metal Groynes to Somerset that filled with soil filled bags are a lot more effective and faster to install than sand bags. A farmer from Silkstone is taking wagon loads of bales down to feed livestock as he can't bare to see animals starve, he knows it won't make a big difference but feels he needs to.

I'm sure loads of communities / individuals are helping each other, what have you heard?

What positives do you know about?


Panda I think any support right now is needed and appreciated. Normality is needed, or an attempt at some.


Heard on radio 4 this pm that farmers from, I think Yorkshire, are taking cattle feed down to the farmers in Somerset, even Tesco are offering the use of their trucks (would you Adam and Eve it!) But as one Northern farmer pointed out, the Somerset Farms will need cattle feed for the whole year as their crops will be ruined/ drowned.


Stacey Docherty

My local Tesco ( Warfield berkshire) allowed 3 people to do a trolley dash to help flood victims in the area...... I have to pick up 4 chickens on te way home on Sunday....

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