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Please can someone help. I have a mature Photinia Red Robin Tree which I have grown from approx 1ft high to approx 13ft. Due to the recent strong winds leading up to Xmas & beyond, it has been ripped from the ground & is now leaning over to one side & the leaves are turning a darker colour by the day. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can save my beautiful tree? Lynne


Its days as a tree are over. You may be able to create a bush by cutting it right back and replanting, if it's not too late


I think it's had it's day now.  They can be temperamental at the best of least for probably best to start again


Foxy, I've had a lot of good advice on here about pruning my Red Robin, especially from Verdun that has been spot on. 

However I bet you are upset. If you can and don't have plans for a re-placement I'd prune it hard as Nutcutlet says, and stick it back in with some quality compost and see what happens. Nothing to lose.  Hope it lives.

Thank you so much to you all for your replies.......I will try everything & anything to save it! Would you advise to cut it right back & try it in a pot or back into the ground? 



Sticking my neck out here ( I'm no expert) it's up to you Foxy.

I'd cut well back maybe to 4' leave a couple of newer stems taller.  Plant back in the ground but enrich planting hole. Heel it in well. and daft as it sounds water it in. It won't survive in a pot. Any dead leaves that keep dropping dispose of, not in compost.  I'll keep fingers crossed honestly doubt it will survive but stranger things have happened. Please let us know what does happen.

Thank you Kef for all your advice! Will let you know how it goes 

Please don't be afraid to prune it drastically. The important thing is to get its roots back in good soil - and keep it well-watered. I'm not an expert - just somebody who experienced the same thing last year. I was devastated. I had to reduce my six foot shrub to just about nine inches. But already this year the "stump" is covered with numerous healthy-looking red shoots. Good luck! Don't give up on it!

Let us know how it goes foxy

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