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Hi all. I'm new to this site and just wondered if there is any way I can jump to the last post in a thread instead of going through them all?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

star gaze lily

Morning Pauline7

There should be a little green arrow at the top of thread, to press to go to first unread post.

star gaze lily

Lol, although i've just looked at a thread and its not there!  Sorry

You could try pressing latest post before pressing the thread you wish to read. There shouldnt be many then to read through. Hope that helps.

Pleased to meet you Pauline7


If you press on the green arrow under latest post, on each individual thread, it will bring you to the last page of that thread.

Thanks all.

I'm sure I'll be asking many more questions as I've never had a garden I could look after before and my knowledge of gardening can be written on a postage stamp!



That's how we all start Pauline, ask as much as you like.


Simply to say hello and welcome Pauline 


By reading on any subject for an hour a day for 3 years anyone can become an Expert !!

Thats includes Gardening !

Thank you fidget - I have just tried it and it works! No more tedious pressing the last page on long threads!


Glad you got there in the end Pauline - you can now whiz around the forum at top speed.


Hi Pauline,

Follow these instructions:-

  1. Click your name at the top right of the screen
  2. Then click "my settings"
  3. On the next page scroll down a bit and click "forum settings"
  4. On the option "Thread starting page" click the button next to "default to last"

Voilà - all of the posts shall now open at the latest post 

As loNg as the garden you create brings  you joy, Newboy2, it doesnt matter if you're an "expert" or not.  

In my experience many "experts" are the most boring and narrow thinkIng of people having little awareness of anything outside their field.  A keen amateur, loving what he or she does, is what i would rather be 


Charles Darwin was an amateur naturalist.

 He studied Medicine at Edimburgh, and for the ministry at Cambridge, but lost interest in both. He did have a private income, which enabled him to pursue his interests.


Sorry verdun did not mean to offend

I was only trying to inspire and help a new comer

I wont again


Ouch!   Don't think it was meant like that NewBoy2  

I think Verdun was also trying to inspire and help a newcomer - sometimes things read differently on here 


Hey Newboy.  You didn't offend.  I guess I didn't come across too well.  Hope you are well 


Very well thanks

Its a shame no one is a perfect as you and I !!


I always enjoy all your advice and long may it continue

Speak with you soon Verdun



So Pauline, what would you like to know? Maybe you could take some photo's of your garden to show us..

Lyn, Will take some photos at the weekend and try to upload them. I'm on early shift this week so the light's not very good for photos.

I think I have got the garden sorted as much as I can for the winter. The people who lived here before me never did anything in the garden, (except store fridges according to the neighbours) .

My main problem has been the 'grass' I 're-seeded it in early November so will have to see what happens in spring and take if from there.