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I have a huge problem, Im not an expert a gardener at all (bit of a novice) and tesco have just built 3 story row of terrace houses at the end of my garden, they are on a slope up so are more like 4 story. About 5 years ago we levelled and concreted the end of our garden for a seating area and shed. I am going to have to dig up a section at the end on our boundary wall to plant something to try and gain back some privacy. I am gonna dig an area about 50cm x 2m, I was thinking leyland Cyprus but am worried that the roots will lift remaining patio and shed!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The Manic Slughunter

Can you put a low fence with some pretty trellis there instead? We did this and I've grown honeysuckle, clematis and  sweetpea's up it this year - beautiful and smells gorgeous in the evening I'm in a dip so the surrounding houses can all look down on me but since putting the fence up we can sit on our raised patio with total privacy hope you get it sorted


I think you'd get more pleasure from MS's suggestion than from leylandii. 


I think there are now laws regarding the height of Lleylandi hedges Jade so it may not really solve your problem. Slughunter's suggestion sounds much more pleasant. Could you attach some  trellis to your wall if that's suitable? You could use ivy to give all year round privacy and then add some flowering climbers which will grow through it as suggested.

Were you notified of the intended building work so that you had a chance to object? If it's Tesco though, I expect you don't have much chance of beating it! 

Defintely not leylandii. Yes, they grow quickly but they look awful. No flowers,no fruit and lots and lots of dry soil.And they take up so much space.

Years ago we had a similar problem and planted a maple tree, a bit like the London plane trees but smaller and more dainty. It grew like the clappers. Admittedly it was deciduous but people don't spend so much time looking into your garden in the winter anyway.

The trellis is really the ideal solution as it will give you pleasure rather than just remind you of what you are trying to block out.


thankyou all sounds very pretty, but there is a 6ft fence on top of a 3ft concrete wall, we have a wire mesh fence our side running along our side but we are still over looked by 2 stories. So that's why I was looking for something tall, evergreen with small roots(if such plant exists).

To reply to fairygirl, we was told shortly before build and it was opposed, went to court but boris got involved and it got pushed through, like you say cant beat tescos.


What about some of that angled cat fencing (attached to the top of your fence and projecting out as far as possible into/over your garden) so you can position your table & chairs sort of under it. Then plant things in troughs under your mesh fence and they can grow up and over the angled bit?


That is an option, I have tried to upload some pics,

The fence is as high as we can get it really, the wood is for raised beds on right to try and block out from that side. I think that I would just love something instant and tall but thats not gonna happen.


 Sorry about last photos, 


Mmmm Bet Boris doesn't have to look at a view like that  

Any chance of a pic nearer to the back fence to see exactly how much space we're looking at?


I see what you mean Jade , and you don't have masses of room to play with either. I think you're going to have to take a good bit of your patio away to give you a decent enough planting area.What you could do instead is to make a raised bed similar to what you intend on the right hand side which would give you some extra depth for planting into and you could have some climbers as previously suggested, but also something like a Birch tree or Amelanchier lamarckii (which can be grown as a shrub or a tree). They would give you a 'canopy' to block out the bulk of the flats but these are both light and airy so won't create dense shade. 

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