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Apologies if this has been covered before.

We bought a collection of hp plugs, they were cheap we only paid postage! They didn't do very well and we lost most of them, there are a few survivors that look fairly robust, penstemons and geums. Should we plant them out now, or would it be better to keep them in pots, bring them in over the winter and plant out in the spring?

Many thanks.


How big are the pots they are in now? I'd grow them into at least a 1 litre pot before putting them out. Penstemons are a little tender so I wouldn't plant them until spring anyway

Orchid Lady

Fiona, I think those are the same as I got, I lost some of mine tiI but that was my fault!!  Mine are still quite small so there is no way I would out them out yet.

The ones I got earlier in the year are almost ready to go out and they are in 1 litre pots as Fleurisa said.  When I've weeded and rearranged my garden in autumn (now then LOL!!) they will be going out, the others will probably not go out until spring now, maybe later.


it does depend on varieties and how big they are. I'd agree with Fleurisa-  Penstemons aren't as tough as Geums. I got large foxglove plugs in late spring and they were potted on into 3"/4"pots and are now being planted out as they're very robust. The Geums should be fine if they're filling a 5" or 6" pot, and the site they're going in is well prepared, but it sounds like they're not quite at that stage.  If in doubt, keep them sheltered over winter in decent sized pots and get them out in spring. 

Never plant out any plugs direct into the garden

Why would anyone do this?  They look silly, losses will be high and they will only grow 

very slowly

Always pot them first in order to create a garden size plant in spring.


They have been potted on a few times, the penstemon is in a 25cm pot, the geum is in an 18cm pot & fox glove in a 12cm one.  I was using up odds and ends! Don't have a greenhouse but have a sunny room I am planning to bring a couple of tender things into this winter. Posted in wrong place, will do better next time .Fb

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