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I am now planning my next project, which I need about 40 herbaceous plants, but I want mature plants and the last ones I got from parkers were very small and crap.

Can  anyone tell me where is the best place I can get them from online.




Very few people send out mature plants because of the high cost of postage.

Why dont you try a garden centre or nursery in spring, and then grow them on?

Hi dannyboy, I'm not really answering your question just giving a sideways look at it given FBs sensible comment. Am I right in that you live in the NE? I live in Washington. I use a small Garden Centre in Hexham called Down to Earth. in Spring they sell a wide range of herbaceous plants in 3 inch pots at a very reasonable price. OK they are not large initially but grow well and bulk quickly. They do sell more mature plants but obviously they cost a lot more. 

I have bought online from Crocus and been pleased with the bulbs plants etc.



If you've got deep pockets you can try

Woottens of wenhaston,

Ashwood nurseries in Kingswinford

Burncoose nurseries in cornwall,

Crocus nurseries.

Crug hardy plants, north wales.

Yes, woottens are first class. Ashwoods too.  Lots of others including specialist growers for heleniums, hellebores, and the like.

Dannyboy,  In the GC soon there will be lots of perennials in 9cm pots......from lupins, to delphiniums, to well, the list,is huge.  Buy them and pot  them up ASAP.  They will grow amazingly quickly in early spring.  I pot on at least twice but often 3 times to have large full size flowerimg plants for this summer.  you need to keep them growing vigorously during the potting up period.

Its now a good time to buy perennials in 3 litre pots and divide them, pot them up and grow them on.




Depending what you want Ebay can actually throw up the odd bargain occasionally and there are lots of plants for sale on there. Very often they are plants grown from cuttings by keen gardeners but there are also nurseries that advertise on there.

The way I work it, is to search for a specific plant, say Rudbeckia for arguments sake, then I save the ones that are priced right into a list. Once I've exhausted the search I go to my list and choose the best from there.

Last year I bought 20 large Helebore seedlings for £2.99! I potted them on and planted them out last week! Bargain!!

The other place where no one ever thinks to look is Amazon and again I recently bought Pulmonaria plants on there for £1.95 each!

I confess that for 90% of my plants I have a lovely 'old fashioned' nursery really near and when you go in the plants are covered in bees and butterflies so I buy most plants from there because of the wildlife benefit but I do still keep an eye out for the odd bargain on line.

Not sure if that helps...




You can buy some plants in 2 litre pots which you can then split into four plants, but they need to be the kind of plants that have multiple growing points. Carol Klein is always telling us to do that. Or do you have any friends with plants that you could borrow a bit off?

...following on from earlier suggestions plantIng in the occasional group of 3 or more will make a better impact.   So any divided plants....I would not OVER divide.......can cover a reasonable area.  

gardenning granny

I'm growing from seed - you can get quite big plants quite quickly if you sow now and keep on the ktchen   window sill.  I currently have about 30 Patty Plum poppies, grown from a pinch of saved seed in October, and am about to plant some more saved seed in the next few days.  The thing about seeds is that even if you only want half a dozen, you invariably end up with many more and can select the strongest to plant, and give the others away.

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