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Hi :) Newbie here :) Needing friendly advice ?

I have a Passiflora and a Honeysuckle and was wanting advice on how to grow please ? X

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I would love some friendly advice please on how to get the best from my plants ? I'm luck to have a south facing garden and have sun all day long I have just bought some Honeysuckle as the smell reminds me of when I was a kid And a Passiflora for the unusual flowers, I am going to get an arch for one of them ? And don't know what to do with the other ? I love gardening, makes me so happy but I am pretty new to it so any help is much appreciated xxxx

Sarah...........perhaps if you can say which Honeysuckle you have, people can advise.

Passiflora will do well on an arch but if you have the basic one, if happy it can be pretty rampant in the southern parts of the UK.

 If you have some fencing, your Honeysuckly would probably be happy enough there.

A few clues as to the varieties will, I'm sure elicit some help and advice



Hi SM2

I'd grow the honeysuckle over an arch as it's pretty quick growing and will smell as you know lovely. The passion flower I'd put against your house wall on some trellis if there is a chance of doing that. They will grow in a good sized pot. Not checked where you live but they aren't fully hardy in some parts of the country so against a house wall is good. Beautiful flowers that you need to be able to get close to and admire.


Hi philippa I think I'm stalking you on threads   you can type faster than me


Honeysuckle will want it's roots to be cool and moist and in the shade and it's top in the sunshine, whereas Passiflora quite likes being totally in the sun all day. 


Hi Thankyou My Honeysuckle is Belgica and my Passiflora is Caerulea I live on the Fylde coast inbetween St Anne's and Blackpool. That's a lovely idea to put it against my wall Thankyou would it be ok in a big tub ? And I shall put my Honeysuckle over my Arch x

Kef...........I learned to type when I was at school......surprising what sticks with you even 50 years on.  Just to make you feel better, I did some temping when I left one place, the Boss sent my work back with a snotty note saying he didn't like the obvious use of Tippex........being an ignorant and arrogant teenager, I took this to heart...........instead of using Tippex, I just put X's through the errors and carried on typing.  He didn't like that method either !  No pleasing some people .....tho I feel sorry for that now

I never did become a Secretary............or even a Typist


philippa  I went to night school many moons ago to learn to type, I was a wages clerk at the time  RSA stage 1 was my great achievement. Never had a job that I needed to type just improved when we all got computers in our work place. Very well done on Somerset efforts  

I love a good banter but this isn't helping my plants lol x


Sarah............considering where you are based, you could try your Passiflora in a big tub altho whether you will get the display of flowers you are hoping for could be a bit iffy.  However, you have the plant already so you have nothing to lose by trying it.

Your L Belgica should be fine..........some planting to keep its roots cool perhaps will give you the best chance to get a good display on the arch.

As with any plant you are a bit unsure of, monitoring over the season will hopefully tell you whether the site is correct


Sarah soz  x

Sarah........I've smacked my wrist as well as Kef's...but see above

Lol no worries Thankyou I have the perfect place for the Honey but I'm going to have a think tonight about the Passiflora You are so helpful Thankyou so much guys x
Oh... Could I extract some more knowledge from you please ? Then I will leave you alone, for a bit hehe ? X

Sarah ask away and join in with chat on Hello Forkers if you want  If it's about different plants start a new thread so them in the know  will pick it up.



Hello Sarah, I have a passion flower planted by the house on a south facing wall and it flowers really well, only been there a couple of years but is pretty big and needed trellis to keep it tidy. Well worth it though not only looks good but the bees love it, too. 


Is a Passion flower ok on wires on a wall or does it need a sturdier wooden trellising?


I think the trellis needs to be sturdy, Supernoodle, but wire may work. My plant has grown quickly and is quite heavy when full of flowers so I opted for the wooden one to tie it on and thread it around without any damage, hopefully. 


Thanks summerwine. Sorry for poaching your thread, Sarah, but I'm wanting to grow jasmine and passionflower on a wall and I'd prefer wire so you can't really see it butwasn't  sure it'd be strong enough. Perhaps a combination then - some wood to add a bit more to the wire.