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Hi all,


I'm Jay from Anglesey, Wales and new here to the Forum.

I plant flowers, fruit, veg and pretty much anything else that grows!

I love wildlife, photography and nature in general.


I look forward to contributing to the forum and learning about you all!


 - Jay

Thanks, Bekkie!


 - Jay


Hi Jay! Welcome to the mad(green)house!



Welcome Jay.  You sound as though you are going to enjoy it here.  Have you seen camera corner and garden gallery. Look forward to seeing pics of your garden


Morning Jay ,is the lady J or mister J welcome to the Madhouse,Sunny erein Munsly Norfolk, ava great day everybody,

 and this is the first off many this year



Hello Jay, good to have you on board

Hi - my name is Christopher Bennett - i am also new

Are you J Howard Marshall, wrinkly oil tycoon married to dead top heavy goodtime girl Anna Nicole Smith?

Afternoon - I've also recently joined, but been a lurker for a while!

hello everyone! i am also new and i look forward to getting to know you all and learning some gardening secrets!


Wow, lots of new folk. I'm fairly new, but everyone on this site is friendly, and you always get good advice, even if you think your questions are a bit me!!

David Matthews2

Croeso, JayH. Look forward to seeing something of your garden (and views) from Ynys Mon!!

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