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First of all apologies if I've put this in the wrong place. I just wanted to introduce myself.

Hi everyone. I'm Mark and have decided to join this great forum after perusing it the last few days.

I've been a keen gardener for the last twenty years or so and most of my spare time is taken up by my small garden and my other interests of bonsai and photography.

I have a small garden around twenty metres by ten metres, but it is jam-packed full of pots. I have a particular interest in japanese maples (hence my forum name), specimen conifers and bulb planting for the different seasons. I've also recently started growing from seeds in a couple of cheap growhouses I bought to protect my small japanese maples.

I love gardening and the feeling it gives you when you sit down outdoors after working all day.

I hope to gain some great advice and hopefully I can contribute something to the forum.


Hi Mark, welcome to the forum.  Don't have the patience for bonsai, but do love bulbs for almost-instant colour.  My favourites are lillies.  Oh, and Nerines.


Hi from the SE Mark.  Just enjoy gardening, when the weather's fine.  Been a lovely 2 days.


Welcome Mark.

Japanese maples and photography - interests of mine too.


Hi Mark - joined this thread as I am saving my pennies for an Osakazuki !  Aim is to get it in before the autumn, so I get to enjoy the colours.  So any acer advice you can give will be devoured enthusiastically  

I'm with you on the "life after work" thoughts - I am so glad the clocks have gone forward !!



Hi Mark, I've not been on this forum very long but have found it very informative and quite often has a few laughs thrown in.   I tend to pick the brains of those with more experienced but one day hope to be able to offer some sound advice.  I too love japanese maples, I have one planted in the garden and another tiny one in a pot which I'm nuturing at the moment and hope to include more in my garden as it develops.

Oakley Witch

Good evening Mark. I hope you are well and warm 

Im Sam. Im a keen gardener but not the best on info so I usually ask daft questions. I dont tend to follow the books I follow my heart where my plants are concerned. Im a pain in the arse in the garden because if I dont like something...I move it there and then. My plants have to be very hardy and be prepared to move on a whim. Welcome 

Pennine Petal
Welcome Mark, We love to share knowledge and gardening experiences. Always lots of questions and answers on here.
The potty gardener

Welcome Mark- I'm sure you will find this a great place to get info

Hi and welcome Mark I to am a newbie I love photgraphy to and all aspects of gardening .

But never tried Bonsai so will be takign on board your knowledge.




hi mark and welcome


Hi Mark welcome to the forum. You will deffinately get plenty of advice on here. There are some very knowledgeable people on this forum and you will always get a good reply and everyone is very friendly no matter how often you come on here. I too love Japanese Maples and most of my garden is in pots which makes it so easy to weed. 

Hiya mark. Welcome.
I'm in the far S W.
You will be a great addition here for,me......I want to try my hand at bonsai sometime.
My passion is for hellebores, tender perennials, agastaches, veg growing, fruit growing, grasses........well everything
Beware, there is a lot of sensible advice here but the women folk speak too sometimes.......oops! I'll get my coat
Think I'm going to regret that last remark...........just recovering from hallucinatory lurgy

if it was"nt for us women verdun you wouldent know where to plant the plants,and who would make the tea and biccys then 



then we will forgive you if you are having a senior moment,have a lay down and put your feet up.

Ok Chica....I am a silly billy sometimes Ha ha

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