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I took some cuttings from a couple of hibiscus around the time it was suggested on various websites (September) 

The leaf on each cutting has yellowed and dropped off on nearly all of them, i assume it has now failed to take?  The actual source plant has started to yellow and drop leaves, which i understand is normal behaviour.

So are the cutting dead? i assume it needs the leaf the feed the plant to make roots.


When did you take them Singy and what conditions have you had them in?


Sorry just noticed you said September 

Are they inside or outside?

i put them in the greenhouse, they are not in direct sunlight but a warm'ish position


Not an expert on hibiscus Singy but just give them a little more time - nothing to lose. If you see new growth then they've taken. If not - back to the drawing board!

Perhaps it's the wrong time of year for taking them? Someone else will know better than me so keep asking if you don't get any more replies 

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