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star gaze lily

Lovely pics fidget, thank you for sharing. Glad you had a good day out.

Any idea what the plant in the last pic is please.

Ooops you snuck backin lol, last pic of first pics.

star gaze lily

Stunning pics fidget, love the old watering can.




 The old potting shed has a wisteria macrobotrys growing on it. The trunk is enormous. I love the melted candle effect that old wisteria have. The buds are there but its not open yet, about two weeks I would think. There are a number of old wisteria on site. If I lived nearer I would have a season ticket and go every few weeks through the season.


Phew. The plant with the red pointy bit at the top is a trillium. The leaves, sepals and petals are all in threes. I always wanted a really good red one. Mine is kind of wishy washy, but it grows so slowly, I havn't the heart to chuck it out.

Busy Bee2

What a lovely day out  One day....!  I shall put it on my list.


It doesn't show up , but it was spitting with rain for most of it. We made a dash for the cafe when it rained heavy, and decided not to go to Kiftsgate. The men had had enough by then, and wanting a snooze in front of a fire.

 Lathyrus vernus. There were quite a few patches of this near the cedar.


Fidget, thanks for posting these I've really enjoyed having a look at them


I'm glad that i don't have to clip the hedges.!!!

Beautiful pictures.  Will have to try and get there some day.


Thanks Fidget 

And I'd forgotten about Lathyrus Vernus - perfect for the edge of the Little Wilderness - if I remember correctly bees love it?


I've been looking for seeds. Plantworld have two varieties



Lovely pix fidget. That avenue with the hedges and that vista....hmmmm...drool...

I like Trilliums too. They're very unusual. Not sure I'm patient enough for them!

Is that your OH in the pic - with the pale blue shirt and the hat?.... 

Orchid Lady

Fab pics, thank you so much for sharing.  I need to get out and see some more stately homes and gardens I think 

Those people in the field were a bit under-dressed for the open air Easter Sunday service weren't they?? 


No, I think the blue shirts off Verduns washing line


Thanks for sharing  Hidcote is one of my favourite gardens although I haven't made it in the flesh yet. I'm hoping to get to Sissinghurst this year since its much nearer to where I live.


Lovely pics Fidget.  We went last week and loved it - but i was too busy gasping to remember to take pictures ..... Yours have brought it all back.  

It was a long drive (2.5 hours for us) - but made me realise it is worth making a bit of an effort to get to these iconic places.  We left home at 10, and were back by 7, and had a magic day in the middle.  Sissinghurst next on my list too Wintersong

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