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I was just reading THE INDEPENDENT's Obituary for Geoff Hamilton and it mentions that he was working on a TV series, Hidden Gardens. I cannot recall this at all. Was it broadcast or just in development before his death?

Thank you for any information.

Dr.W..............."Hidden Gardens" does ring a vague bell with me but I think there was also a "Secret Gardens " ?   So many have the same title these days

One of the biggest "hidden gardens" was that one...........somewhere here in S West......damned if I can recall it now............which the person who started the Eden Project originally worked on.  The instant I press "submit" I will, of course, remember all the relevant names/details

Sorry......not much help I know.............GH was IMO, the gardener's gardener for those of us of a certain age


From what i remember the footage was used but re edited to be used in a different program and format. If memory serves some parts of it went into parts of GW96/97 as a sort of series of  orbiturary  articles (though not a lot of his on camera work had been completed)


Chris Beardshaw presented a series on Hidden Gardens in which old, lost gardens were restored suing research into their origins and origial plans and plants.    It was very enjoyable and interesting.  I'd love him to go back and revisit those gardens to see how they've done and maybe find some new ones.


Tim Smit philippa

I remember the Chris Beardshaw one but not the GH one 


And I'm pretty sure it was Heligan in Cornwall

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