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Which is the better lawn mower the Honda IZY HRG416 PK or Hayter 616. I have three small flat lawns and I am thinking about replacing my Mountfield rv40 150cc mower that somehow seems to do a bad job cutting the grass and leaves lots of bits behind. Iv looked at the spark plug and cleaned the air filter and increased the revs.  I fancy something that will give a good cut and will last a long time.

Mark 499

I have a Honda IZY , great little machine, Hayter also have a very good name.

Sorry that's not much help is it.

Lawnmower Chris

Hi richhondac, I use a Honda Izy for my job as a full time gardener. I've had it since 2008. I cut 4-7 lawns a day, 5 days a week for 8-9 months of the year.

Its reliability is unquestioned in my case.

I've probably spent about £70-£80 on spare parts over that period on a new blade, a couple of new air filters a year, oil & a new stone flap. I think that's pretty good for 5 years usage.

The Izy is self propelled, I'd go for that over a 'push' any day, but would depend on the size of your 'small' lawns

Can't tell if the Hayter has a roller, which would give stripes, but the Izy's stone guard acts in a similar manner. Possibly not as good an effect as a roller, but still effective.

Hope this helps.


Lawnmower Chris

Have you seen the 'Honda garden' website. The deal for the 416 is excellent, I've kept a note for future reference.

Thank you chris i had a chat to a mower sales man yesterday and was told they are both good but the honda is better but a little more expensive


Scott Edwards

I currently have both a Hayter and a Honda Lawn Mower. I use the Hayter for my own medium size garden and the Honda for my large churchyard. Both companies produce good quality mowers and I'm very happy with both. Self propelled mowers are more expensive than push mowers but worth the extra investment. I would personally avoid buying a Mountfield as they are not as well made as they used to be.

Thankyou i only need a push mower my lawns are quite small but they are abit bumpy prob due to all the bricks ect iv had to dig out of the lawn.


I like the look of the hayter and honda.

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