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Heather Michaels

Hello everyone, I need your help/advice please.

We're seeing quite a few Hornets the last few days.

I'm seeing conflicting information.

1) Do they sting

2) Are they aggressive?

3) Do they nest on/under the ground or just above ground in eaves etc.

I'm talking about these beasties:

 That isn't my hand!

Thank you in advance.


Yes they sting

Generally said to be less aggressive than wasps.

ours nested in a tree stump

This may not apply to the latest scare, Giant Deadly Asian Hornets. No experience of those

Heather Michaels

Thank you Nutcutlet.

Even though it seems they're not so aggressive I'm not comfortable with them at all. I'll have to have another look round and see if I can see anything. Of course we may not have a nest, they may just like my garden, I'm in the middle of woodland (sort of) so there could just be a lot in the general area.

Heather Michaels

Jo47. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder



Yes, they will sting if really provoked, but they are reluctant to engage with humans - they like to keep themselves to themselves.  However, if you attacked their nest they would be aggressive.

They usually nest in hollow tree trunks or old buildings - we had a nest in the chimney of the farmhouse where we lived when I was a child.  Pa lit a fire and kept it going for several days and they moved on.

One thing worth noting is that like moths, they are drawn to light, and at night they have been known to fly into windows if the light is on and the curtains not closed. 

In fact at night they are so drawn to bright light that I've seen one after another fly into burning garden flares at an evening BBQ and immolate themselves.



We live near some old oak woodland and we usually get a few hornets visit the garden each summer.  They frequently spend time on the fennel flowers outside my kitchen window and cause absolutely no trouble at all - I'm another who thinks they're beautiful

Oh, and they eat wasps


One of the few insects I've found that will watch you as you move about. A praying mantis once did the same thing to me. It's eyes followed me all around the room......

Heather Michaels

Thanks everyone, I'm really pleased they eat wasps, not a fan of those either. But I need to watch out for the nighttime visits, o/h is manic for having the windows open when it's dark and letting in all manner of bug!

flowers in the rain

We had a nest in our garage a couple of years ago, we just let them be as they didn't really bother us much.The only thing we found was that they were attracted to lights and so had to shut windows ( if lights were required) and keep the garden lights off at dusk ( if sitting outside), no problem.

Heather Michaels

Jo47. I'm not the best with bugs. At all. Shameful. I am very ashamed lol


I remember years ago seeing a nature programme with Simon King. He said hornets gave plenty of warning if you approached their nest. They would buzz around you first and if you didn't take heed would bounce off you. Then if you STILL didn't listen, they would sting. I'm not sure if that was his personal experience  I do believe that's an Asian Hornet in your pic Heather, another story in itself...

Fishy, that was my,thought too 

One flew through the open window of my first floor North London flat back in May/June of this year. We were quite nervous about it, especially my O/H , who comes from a country where hornets proliferate and are dangerous.

So we shut the door and left it, hoping it would fly away from whence it came. But it didn't. Early in the morning, I discovered it in a very feeble state, crawling on the floor.It died  shortly after, but I did not think to photograph it.


We have the first Asian hornets arriving in Guernsey yesterday - they are said to molest the common bee - we have been asked to look out and report any sightings.

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