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Mr McGregor

I recently had a trailer load of reasonably old manure donated. To get it on the garden (and off the drive) quickly I layered it on the beds. I know I need to work it into the soil but does anybody know is there any harm in leaving it for a few more weeks?


Have you got any plants in the beds? 


Empty veg beds, i have put a thick layer on and left it to the worms. It will be mixed in before I plant.

On flower beds or shrubs, I just lay it on top, making sure it is not up against the bark or in the growing crown of a perennial plant. Any new areas, it will be mixed in just before planting.

Mr McGregor
Yes. Some shrubs and some bulbs starting to come through.

It'll be fine leaving it on the beds - you'll find that the worms will soon incorporate it into the soil.  

Just clear it away from the stems of your shrubs otherwise it will scorch and damage them.  It only needs to not be touching the bark.  

As the bulbs come through you can ease it away from them too.  Otherwise it'll be fine left as it is.



Yes, I agree, dont dig if something else will do it for you!

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