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I am very frustrated to find that it is near impossible to get this locally (Sussex) unless you buy whopping great dumpy bags of it and at a huge cost. All I want is normal non decorative stuff in decent sized bags not weedly little ones which re decorative and cost a fortune. I need good normal horti-grit to lighten my soil and add drainage. I want it available now. 

Why is it so difficult....nowhere has it in stock, not DIY stores, builders merchants or garden centres. Its frustrating many hurdles.


I don't know why this is so difficult. The little bags called horticultural grit are a bit too coarse for my purposes. Alpine grit is what i need and can't find locally. I have had aquarium gravel but it's really too expensive to use it a lot. I only want it to cover the germinating seeds and mix a bit in with the compost.


Amazon sell several different horticultural grits and it gets delivered to your door 


Never considered online. thought the delivery charge would be too great. I'll take a look. Thanks Dove.



To be honest I can't remember what I paid - it came in a box about 2ft x 2ft x2ft - a bit heavy, had to get OH to take it into the garage for me, but the delivery wasn't extortionate - I wouldn't have bought it if it was - if you take all  your effort of finding it and driving out there and bringing it home, fuel costs etc, when you could be gardening ......................... 


Thats what I was looking at Geoff, I had seen it in B&Q website but whenever Carol Klein uses grit (which she seems to put on everything) it always seems like a coarser grit, but I think you could get a standard 10ml grit from quite a few places. 

Highland Jeannie

A couple of years ago I had 40 bags delivered from a company called "Dandys" based Cheshire/Welsh borders if I remember correctly. Delivery was free (a special offer at the time) which was marvellous for such a heavy & bulky order (especially for up here, where many delivery companies fear to tread..... ) 

The bags are about the size of a pillow & the grit is about 6mm, initially I wanted to open up the soil a bit & now use them a lot when planting up pots - get very little moss now.

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