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Thanks Tray14.  Your hostas look to be progressing well.


I'm off work tomorrow, and if it's nice, I'll take some photos of my faves.

I am a hosta fan but though I have a variety I dont have as many as you Hostafan1.  I love the varigated ones - they are like a splash of sunshine and I also have a Sum and Substance.  Such a bold statement. 

Would love a few tips.  I dont use slug pellets as was told they can attract the slugs and snails so I just keep watching and picking off, putting them in a jar and disposing of them in the hedge down the lane when walking the dog. Some little holes occur so what can these be from.  All mine (12 of them) are in pots so how often do I need to repot and divide them?  Be grateful for any tips. 

How do I find this thread again.  I have to go through loads of items before I find my query - and hopefully the answers !!

Thanks, in advance, for help x

I divide hostas every 2 or 3 years into sizeable clumps and repot or replant using compost, etc.  I do this at any time of year, even mid summer.  Mid summer plants then produce superb foliage right through to autumn but without flowers.

Slugs and snails get into the compost so check under your pots Susiejenny.  Those small ones ....are they keel slugs?.....often lurk there.  Also, small snails will hide in the crowns.

Touch wood.......none of my hostas are damaged yet amd I usually keep them like this for most of the summer. I find hostas lose their foliage quality after flowering as well as attracting slugs, etc., at this time too.

I grow many hostas in the open....most of my garden is I ensure they are well watered.  However, the very yellow or varieties with lots of white in their leaves, like Fire and Ice, need to be out of the sun or they will burn.  

I grow a few different varieties....just added Fire Island that looks a little weak, so far........and, I agree Susiejenny, they light up the garden 



Susiejenny - if you click on your own name you will go back to your page where you can click on your posts and that will bring up everything you have been involved in.

I'm not too tech savvy - someone may be able to explain better.  Love hostas


Looking forward to your photos Hostafan1 ... it's 2pm now so presumably with all the hostas you have, it will have taken you all morning to take the photos

Hi Susiejenny.  Look at the top right hand corner off your screen and you will your username.  Click on the drop down and you'll get an option to view your posts.  I find that's the quickest way to get to the posts you've commented on. 

Verdun - thanks for the tip about after the hostas flowering.  I think I may have become a little more slack at the end of the season.


Sorry CharlieD - I meant to say that I am very pleased for you.  So exciting when you get something actually growing that you have only had in your mind.  I've got lots in my mind but they're not growing yet!  Hosta envy

Hey, no problem Lesley.  I see our posts crossed for Susiejenny.  At least we pointed her in the same direction!!!

Oh I know you mean.  I asked for advice on this forum and looked at all the hostas that users are growing and I got really impatient to get mine.  But planning is really exciting too isn't it?  Nothing goes wrong when in it's our head

Many many thanks fellow gardners.  So helpful.  Better than struggling along on my own and making mistakes.

Good news about the 'clicking' to find my posts quickly - though as I sorted through the others I did come across some other helpful hints.  Thanks again.


Very interesting Verdun, i didn't know you could divide Hosta's basically any time of the year, just last week my OH wanted a couple of Hosta's moved as they have grown to big and are hiding some features (tree stumps) i told her to wait till they have died back and i will move them, she will be pleased, IMHO the flower spikes on Hosta's are not that impressive anyway, sure she can live without them for a season...


Charley D , I posted some pics yesterday. Hostas, some of my faves. I'm sure someone more clever than I could post a link.


These were divided 2 years ago, I did it in the autumn.




Ooh, they're lovely Lyn.  I love the ones with white on; so attractive.


Hostafan1 - sorry, you caught me out there.  I had been looking on this thread    I'll go and find your photos now.



aren't they just FAB Lyn? 


CharleyD , I didn't want to hog your thread, so I started another.

Hi I am so jealous, I have sown some hosta seeds and am eagerly awaiting some progress. I have never grown from seed before, and as I don't actually have anywhere to put them yet( beds are still works in progress). I thought I would make use of the time and see how I got on. Have planted 5seeds each of 4different varieties. Have I been too optimistic or should I have planted more?

Thank you for your comments, they are nice, I have to admit that after literally drowning them in strong garlic water, it made no difference,  i do use slug pellets under them.

The blue one has leaves bigger than my outstretched hand.



Great Hostas in all the photos.  Hostafan - you are really in hosta heaven there.  It's fabulous.  I have a couple including the one in this photo which is in the shade, but I don't know what it's called.  When I bought it a few years ago it was only labelled 'Hosta'!  Do you know which it is?   Many thanks.