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Thanks  I believe it's about 2 and a halve year. I think now.

anthony mcglen

hi again thankyou CharleyD and yes I to did read that you should take the flowers off hostas the first year.

Girlfrom your hosta is really nice do you know what it is called

Hmm Nope I don't know any Hosta-name to be honest  

 if anybody could id it, that would be great 



Hiya all.

Sorry to have been absent for so long and I am really genuinely touched and more than a little surprised ,by those who have mentioned me. I am totally fine , but as I work for Waitrose now, delivering customer shopping, here in Devon it's now full of holidaymakers, and , when I'm not at work, I'm desperately trying to keep up with my own garden.

My hostas have suffered a bit with slugs/ snails this year too. I blame it on the mild winter not killing enough of them off.After an otter ate all the fish in our pond, I filled it with frog spawn in the spring, so I'm hoping they'll be munching on slugs soon.

p.s. went back to the nursery in Surrey I used to deal with and came away with 11 new ( to me ) varieties. 


Warmest regards to you all.


Glad to hear that it's just work and gardening that have been occupying your time 


Oh welcome back Hostafan.  It's great to hear from you.  We've missed you!  Sounds like you've been keeping busy though and you must look after your lovely garden   Have you really bought 11 new hostas?  That's fantastic!  Look forward to seeing them when you have more time. 

anthony mcglen

same here hostafan you are really missed


Charley, Anthony, thanks guys.

I've been shopping for new plants for a project later to create a " jungle garden"  big and over the top, ( bit like me really) to include some of the giant hostas. Watch this space.


Watching and waiting in anticipation ...


That sounds exciting Hostafan   I love the big hostas 

anthony mcglen

Hello Charley. sorry that I have not been around for a while but have had loads of doctor appointments. Thankyou for asking about my eyes I can report that my vision has gone from 29% to almost 99%. it is really changed my life as I can see the vanes on my hostas and see the flowers in real detail for the first time in years . I got my blue hawian hosta changed by bowdans and will post a pic as soone as my new note3 is returned to me it is a nice large replacement . its in a pot until next spring. my old one I tried a exercise with it and chopped all but one damaged leave off and after only two weeks it has sent up three brand new shoots  

Hiya Anthony.  That's tremendous about your eye sight.  It's lovely to hear about a real success story for health.  You'll be able to re-appreciate your hostas all over again now

Sounds like you're having success with your hostas too.  It was good that Bowdens replaced your blue hawian.  Mine are all doing fine and presumably have grown as much as they do for the first year.  Some of them have flowered.  I'm looking forward to seeing how much they grow next year


anthony mcglen

hostas are so exiting to have in a garden. when I get my new note 3 I put some pics up


Anthony, congratulations on the improvement in your eyesight. I'd imagine it  must be like a whole new window opening up in your life.


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