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After months of planning and digging up wild garlic and celadine (in a different area), I have finally got a hosta.  I planted 8 last Saturday and already 6 have shot through.  I'm so excited.  Finally, my hosta corner is taking shape.  This is a photo of the biggest one. 

It's very nice to be able to report some exciting progress instead of being bogged down with some weed or other



Good for you...............looks nice and fresh..........I can never see poster's photos very well but even I can see that you have the little blue jobs  as companion planting


first of many. Keep up the good work.



Good to see the belt and braces way of slug killing. You dont want to lose it now.


You are going to so love it when they open up.  They will look fabulous!


Ah, thank you everyone.  I'm so pleased that you can be excited with me.  More photos to follow. 

Its great to have people to share your excitement with isn't it, congratulations ! 

Indeed it is Peanuts3.  My OH doesn't understand why I'm leaping around in excitement - he even asked what a hosta is!  Bless - he'll soon have lots to look at.


Charley, my OH still doesn't get my excitement and I've got 300 and about 80 - 90 different varieties. ( one day I'll count them )

- Hostafan1 your garden must look fantastic!  Do you have loads of other plants too or do you specialise in Hostas?

Charley....beware the addiction!  Agree, nice fresh green leaves and a promise of something spectacular.  Got a few far, touch wood, can grow them without slug or snail issues.  

Hostsfan, best blue variety?  Best yellow variety?

Scott Edwards

Good to see the copper ring around it because your slugs are equally excited to see it. I visited a garden in Frimley Green a few years ago that had a lovely collect of hosta's in pots under a tree. It looked fabulous and is stored in my head as a project for some point in the future.


 This was two years ago when we first moved

 before I started.

I'll take some of this year and post.

Scott Edwards

A beautiful garden with a wonderful view. Must be a delight to be out in the garden.


Victoria Sponge

I like your garden Hostafan- it's very pretty- it makes me think of a seaside garden...I've never seen hostas used like that before but I like it alot

Id love to see a evening view with the lamps switched on

Wow, such a stunning garden Hostafan1.  The progress you have made in such a short time is phenomenal.  Lots of room for all those lovely hostas.   Do you have a best and/or most favourite hosta?

Verdun, no worries there ... the addiction has well and truly set in


our land goes to the line of trees behind the ( rather weedy ) lake.


Thank-you all for the kind words.I went to take some pics yesterday morning, but the camera wasn't charged, by the time it was, it had clouded over. I'll get onto it asap.

Sagae is a bit of fave I have to admit. I love the "giants" like Bid Daddy , Sum and Substance and, a new one I bought last year , Empress Wu.



Wow!!! amazing pictures. And well done Charley you're both brave for growing them in the ground.  My one and only hosta started off in a pot last year, then copper tape was added as the leaves were shredded one night.  I thought it was safe this year but yesterday noticed holes in a couple of leaves...on closer inspection found a small snail nestling the middle.  How on earth it got there I don't know - I think they climb up the wall and drop onto the plant so now I've moved it away from the wall.  The picture is of a couple of days before the attack.




Pleased for you CharleyD. Hostafan1 - Wow!