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Some people have asked me to show some of my favourite hostas. Here are a few , but by no means all my current faves. 




undulata medio variegata




St Elmo's Fire





Raspberry Ripple



Praying Hands


Krossa Regal ( with ground elder)


Jurassic Park. 2 years after buying in a 9cm pot.


Great Expectations


Gingko Craig




Formal Attire


First Frost


Perfectly grown Hostafan.  Formal attire and first Frost are now on my shopping list. 


Gorgeous hostas.  How do you stop the slugs?


encourage blackbirds and frogs and , if you're lucky, hedgehogs. I hardly ever use pellets: only if there is a particularly attacked area.The bottle I have is about 3 years old.


I love the praying hands in fact I've just ordered one




I've had praying hands for about 4 years, as you can see, it's a bit slow to bulk up, but such a good unusual form.

Scott Edwards

They look fabulous. Do all hostas need shade? 


those beds are on a South facing slope with no shade at all, apart from the edge closest to the hedge which gets shade from about 3 pm.

Scott Edwards

I have always believed that hostas prefer to be in a shady spot but yours are clearly thriving in the sunshine. Am I mistaken or are there some that are happy in the sunshine and some that really wouldn't be happy at all. Are you choosing very carefully? I have a small area that is covered in gravel that is in the sunshine most of the day. I would love to have a collection of hostas in pots but have assumed that they would either die or sulk. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I buy the varieties which take my fancey. As a general rule, white variegated need more shade than yellow variegated. yellows can turn a bit green if too much shade, whites can scorch if too hot. I've found those in pots on the terrace can suffer, but I suspect it's the heat radiating off the concrete slabs. My guess is a nice cool moist root run helps a lot.

Give them a decent size pot and keep them well watered Scott. "suck it and see" as they say.

Scott Edwards

Thanks Hostafan for your advice, I think I might be asking for a few nice pots for my birthday and then slowly build up a collection. I can already see it looking fabulous in my minds eye. How exciting!



I do confess to being a bit of an addict, but I have one simple rule: I only buy what I like. I'd never buy a new one just because I didn't already have it. With so many new varieties, let alone all those around now, I reckon I'll keep buying more.


 Big Daddy.

Not sure why I missed this one out in original selection. Compare the size with the secateurs in the foreground.

Got them   Wow, that's a fantastic selection and in such brilliant shape.  Thanks so much for posting them.  Big Daddy really is aptly named! 


Thanks Charley D: that's a clump of 3 smallish plants , planted almost exactly 2 years ago this month.

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