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Here you go .... some photos of my Hosta Corner.  I've taken a distance photo too, so you can get a feel for where all my hostas are growing.  My favourites at the moment are the Dinner Jacket and the White Feather.  The White Feather is very interesting - it grows as green and then the leaves gradually turn a startling white.  Please excuse the black patches on the lawn; I'm reseeding some areas and also treating it for weed etc.


Anthony, these were the photos.

anthony mcglen

charley what a lovley garden you have the hostas look great.

I just wish I had a garden the size of yours LOL.

thanks for the link for the copper rings

Thanks Anthony.  I am really grateful for our garden which goes all the way round our house, with a big lawn at the back so I've enjoyed designing and putting into action the various sections.  Some failures and some successes but that's the name of the gardening game.  I've had loads of encouragement from this forum, which is unbelievably helpful and friendly. 

Have you decided what you're going to do to help your hostas?  Are you eyes ok now?  I wonder where Hostafan is, hope he's ok.

anthony mcglen

Hello Charley. sorry that I have not been around for a while but have had loads of doctor appointments. Thankyou for asking about my eyes I can report that my vision has gone from 29% to almost 99%. it is really changed my life as I can see the vanes on my hostas and see the flowers in real detail for the first time in years . I got my blue hawian hosta changed by bowdans and will post a pic as soone as my new note3 is returned to me it is a nice large replacement . its in a pot until next spring. my old one I tried a exercise with it and chopped all but one damaged leave off and after only two weeks it has sent up three brand new shoots  


One for Hostafan

i grow several hostas and they all grow vigorously except for Fire Island.  Bought as a single root 18 months ago, approx.  didn't make any real growth last year and it looks to be sending up just a couple of shoots.  I know its early to judge but my feeling is that it is a little on the weak side(?). Do you grow this variety Hostafan?


I don't have it Verdun. It looks FAB. Does it hold that colour all season or does it fade to green?


I moved all my potted hostas into the cool tunnel so I could split them but " the knee" has set that one back a season.

I think I'm going to get them all planted in the tunnel and give them a year to bulk up then get stuck in next year.

I'm re-arranging some beds this year which were planted when we moved here three years ago. I just had to get stuff  " in the ground" back then, so some re-jigging is called for now.


I previously had a large garden, space no object! I love hostas in all their forms, and a plant fair at Burton Agnes Hall had wonderful plants from a specialist nursery. Now I have a tiny, and yes I do mean tiny garden.15ft x20ft. I was looking last night at hosta Ice and Fire (it faces south and we have a damp north border,) I can get 3 cheaply from Parkers but their reviews are less than encouraging. (sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread)

I love the one on the right in your first photo.

Hostafan, what little growth it did put on looked good.....yellow leaves on red stems.  Shooting now with bright yellow but just seems so weak

any ideas on Touch of Class?  Every year I consider it

Oldtyke, Fire and Ice is fantastic.......out of the sun.  It is easily spoiled by direct sun.  I grow this behind a conifer and another in a shady spot where they thrive.

Did anyone of you watch GW and see that wonderful hosta garden  love the idea of scented flowers ,we purchased a small collection of 5 and have them potted and labelled but am sure none of them stated perfumed flowers. We have about 15 of our old plants but only two varieties green or variegated (we have been splitting each year)  is fire and ice the white one or perhaps the blue leaf one? possibly give those a try next season

Oldtyke, with the exception of 2 hostas which I picked up from a local nursery, all my hostas are from Parkers.  I think I bought about 8 from them and only 1 didn't survive but they refunded me for the pack of 3.  I know they sometimes don't get good press, but I've found them absolutely fine and because I was filling our garden from scratch, I needed some pretty good bargains

Touch of Class and Fire and Ice are two of my favourites ... but actually, if I'm going to honest, all the hostas are my favourites .  I think there will be some more hostas creeping into the garden this year.  





Right! I shall order 3 from Parkers then. Thankyou! I have a north facing fence which seems to stay damp.

The hosta garden made me drool! Did he really say he had 370 ? 

We're all smitten by hostas right now it seems

hostas will grow very well in the sun.  As long as soil is damp.  Sun can bring out the best colours I understand 

We're all smitten by hostas right now it seems

hostas will grow very well in the sun.  As long as soil is damp.  Sun can bring out the best colours I understand 

primrose cottage, fire and ice is the "white one".   Green and white leaves but mainly white.  



I find, as a general rule, the yellows are better in sun , as sometimes the yellow is more green in shade, but the whites can scorch in full sun. Not hard and fast , but generally true.

Verdun I don't have touch of class, but I've just googled it and it looks very like June, which I do have and bulks up very quickly.

Have an idea someone once asked you this but how many hostas do you have Hostafan?  

Speaking with grower this morning I am keen to get more hostas.  Trouble is, I think, if too many of one type of plant is grown the more likely it is to have disease and pest problems.  As in all things, moderation is the key.  


in the words of Oscar Wilde,

" the only thing to do with temptation: is to succumb to it"

I've no idea how many individual plants I have, but I think I must be over 100 different varieties by now. One day I'll have a count up.

My daughter is buying her first flat near one of the nurseries I use, so ,when she moves in next month, or thereabouts, I might have to pop along and see if there are any more to tempt me.


First year of growing hostas.  I ordered the free ones from the mag (T&M) they were Wide Brim, Francee Sieboldiana elegans, Pizzaz, Halcyon and Snow Cap.

I have planted some in pots with copper tape and some in the ground so I'll just have to see how they go re slugs.

Hope I don't become addicted as I don't have a very large garden.


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