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Silly question? but what makes a Hot Thread a Hot Thread as oppose to a latest post ? 

One with Chillies in it ? 

Don't know of posts, heated debate ?........Someone will know Runnybeak


We've never really figured it out but one which gets at least one reply within a few minutes seems to trigger the red chili icon.


Never noticed that Bob.

Often wondered as they seem the same but apathy set in and I've never found out


I used to be apathetic nut, but now I can't be bothered...



It's a lot of effort Fairy


Too much for an  old mare like me 


So it's not any spicy comment then  just must be hot in number of replies


I always assumed it was one that was getting lots of replies too KEF 


Runnybeak, congrats you got a chliil at 19.28pm


This thread didn't have one until Philippa replied and if you look at the ID thread nut replied to this evening but which was originally posted at about 12.45, it doesn't have a chili.

Pretty sure it's as simple as that.

 Thanks..... I think !!!!! 


and that ID thread Bob mentioned still needs attention

Seriously...... I think your right Bob.

Bob............thanks for the explanation............despite mentioning Chillies, it hadn't occurred to me that the Chilli icon meant "Hot Thread".  I'd often wondered why the Chilli appeared on some posts  but was always too apathetic to think any further


A hot thread ................... let me think a moment.            Got it !!!


The senior moments thread was definitely hot         ........ and cool.

It got me a delish white chocolate cheesecake recipe from bekk`s   mum

Not much left now         .

I am sorry Mike Allen ,

I cannot understand what your answer has to do with Runnybeaks question.

But this is my question to YOU .

I. Have read your views to this thread but I must be missing the point.I cannot at all understand what you are getting at can you explain further but in layman's terms.please .


I think the implication of Mike's post is that what constitutes a 'hot thread' is irrelevant to matters of horticulture. Whether such an assertion is valid remains open to question and relative to the requirements of the reader.


Only one member mike, you should see my pm inbox!

I think I'm with CGFixit on this one.......constant referral to past problems couched in whatever terms is simply