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We have a fairly new shed in which we keep one of those green plasticky garden chests for storage. This afternoon whilst searching for something in this chest I found a lounger cover that had been usefully used quite obviously by a mouse to supply nice comfy foam nesting material. No sign of the mouse or nest was seen . To my knowledge the shed and chest have not been left open at any time so how on earth has this happened? 

flowering rose

have you looked for a hole in the box(rats can chew anything as mice) or has it sneaked in while it was open.


I couldn't find any holes, hope there are none in our shed.  finger of suspicion is now pointed at other half for possibly leaving the door ajar,He insists that mice can get through very small holes! I have found a dead one in a bucket full of rain water so I know they are about. I will have to encourage the local cat population to visit. 

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that's the best cure,our local cat who use to catch the rats has moved ,so I hope they don't come back.

Daydaisy........your OH is correct........what looks like a tiny gap to you is a gateway for a mouse  Use traps .........killer ones or humane..........up to you.

I wouldn't encourage the local cats tho..........they MIGHT take the mice but they will also take other wildlife and be detrimental to your garden overall........


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not in our garden, we have everything and plenty of cover for small birds  and rats are really a lot worse especially when they decide they might move in with you!

Flowering Rose.........each to their own I suppose

Your local council will  (or should ) help you deal with a Rat problem but as far as I know, they aren't into dealing with the cat problem.

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