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I grow xmas cactus on my lounge windowsills. They're in sun all year round and flower Nov/Dec. You could also try the money plant or crategus, or even mother in laws tongue.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I love my 40  year old rubber plant... it's one of the family... but nothing else seems to want to share my space.... I am obviously an outdoor gardener. House plants and I don't seem to mix.


Ah, yes, GM, mother-in-laws tongue (Sanseveria) can make a lovely tall plant with lots of light and fuss, but happily stands shade and neglect. Prefers neglect if in shade, and can look lovely without taking up too much space.

No jokes neccessary, Diddy!!!!

Something useful like a Calamondin Orannge (eat them straight from the plant, peel and all) or a mini lemon (pick, cut in half, into the G&T).

If you can find the right spot of course,


GJ I have a mother-in-laws tongue, the problem is i can't shut her up,she goes on and on and on.



Cyclamen persicum grandiflorum - easy to grow, fantastic flowers and scent for 3-6 months including Christmas and if treated properly last for 10 years or more:





they look nice bob,i usually grow them outside in a shady area.


I also like foliage plants like these



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