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Hi I was given a large amount of black bamboo which had been out of soil for a few days. I was told to soak it overnight in organic root gel and then to pot into compost pots. The leaves were already dry and falling off and there was no green leaves left. I decided to cut back the bamboo to about 30cm high removing all of the twiggy bits from the canes. Having done all of this I'm now worried that the plant may not survive from all the stress. I have 10 large pots full and there were some good clumps of roots when potted but wonder if anyone could tell me how to tell if it's still alive? Many thanks any suggestions tips greatly appreciated!

Keep them well watered and wait for the new shoots to show. Bamboo is difficult to kill at the best of times, being out of the soil for a few days isn't enough to kill it. Just be patient.


And it is very unlikely to shoot from the old canes, but should send up new shoots from the roots, once they are growing happily.  That may take a while though.

Thank you so much, that's very helpful & reassuring! I'm wondering if bamboo (especially at this stage) would benefit from being positioned in the sun or would it be happier in the shade?
Many thanks

A semi shaded position would be best Jemtomato.

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