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Want to upload some photos not sure how to do it.

Bunny ...
Are you using iPad or pc/laptop? I haven't been able to from iPad as yet.
Is it to upload to thread, if so....
Pc/laptop I save image to desktop for ease of finding it. On the icon list showing smileys , type settings there is a tree . Click the click . Browse . Select image . Upload . Once appears. Save . Should see your pic in section to type.

If for avatar image..
Settings . Edit button by name. Then upload image as above.

Hope this makes sense.

Couldnt be simpler, 

 Click on the icon, 

 Select your image then click the upload button (check your image ia saved as a jpeg file)



Careful, the site will not accept an image ending in jp(e)g, it has to be jpg. This happened to me just the other day as I tried to upload a new avater, very frustrating. If OH hadn't discovered the problem, I'd still by trying now!

Can't upload from my IPad, have tried every thing. Mind you the nice thing is I can enjoy other people's photos's.

 just tried this from kindle fire-smug smiley

Cannt upload from iPhone either, shame really as I've gt some great ones on it

yes try changing the file ending to jpg, not jpeg. I find most people, (my OH included) can't upload mainly because they have no idea where the file they want is actually stored on their computer. Just because it's in mydocuments, doesn't necessarily mean it's findable as it may be a zip, or even in a folder gasp! This forum is a tad weird, for example, in thepotting shed on the forkhandles thread that is a gazillion pages long, instead of it offering 'last' as a page offering, (like every other forum for the last 10 years) you have to click on the last poster and the arrow???? 

Anyways, now apple is on the slide, and android and win8 taking over, maybe we'll have a standard set, then it's far less complicated. I think the main stress people have is that there are 500 ways to do the same thing, and so you end up with people getting confused.

I have a Samsung android and don't know how to put photo s on either, I don't have the tool bar. Also I can't pick up any messages or see anyones profiles.

not sure what your using learning, but I never have a problem uploading photos, even if its jpeg, jpg, jpe, jfif maybe its your settings..


 how cool is this..


Bunny ...
I have a few broken pots ......hmmmmmm could be fun ...



Did you do that Dave, very pretty, I love it.

Can you shed any light on why I cant see messages and tool bars on my android, or are they all the same.


My  kindle fire works fine Lyn-the Ipad and your etc. must have a different operating system

It might be worth asking Daniel by messaging or doing a post-he may have a technical explanation and a solution.

Bunny ...
Downloading puffin browser gives me the icons but haven't as yet had chance to figure out getting it to work. (That's for my ipad am trying)
Oakley Witch
Oh smarty pants are you? Lol. Love the little pot. Might havd a go in dingly fairy dell

Hi Lyn & Sam,

I didn't do that pot, I found the image on google and thought it might be a good idea to try making one..