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Red dahlia, I know you know but skimmias for the shade and hebes in the sun. Pushy me, but that lovely black soil conditioner for the skimmias. Hebes happy in poor stuff
Fairygirl, don't we all get compost in our toasters?

Not me Verd-crumbs only 

Very particular about my toast/toaster and my tea flavoured drinks!

Love a Hebe-great for structure and Buxifolia is useful if you want an alternative to Box (hence the name!) and I've used it in pots as it looks like i've spent ages clipping it in to balls and it survives a lot of neglect! I just snip the flowers off 


I love this word 'furtle' sounds like a cross between furtive and turtle; I too sowed seeds on 29/3 and the broccoli and leeks have come up, but I always write on the label the expected germination time so that I don't suffer from 'seedling angst'.


I just try to be patient but I'm the same as everyone else-looking at them constantly! I don't usually do tomatoes from seed so I'm delighted with the ones I've sown. Like you Artjak, some have come on quicker than others but they'll mostly be fine. I don't have anywhere to put them outside yet so I didn't want to sow too much anyway.

Just off to furtle up some dinner now..

Hey don't you all start nicking my words!

And my haphazard spelling and words were a result of blind typing under the desk at work trying not to be caught! Sorry and glad you understood, even if I did cause amusement.

V - thanks for telling me. I have always looked at skimmias and wanted one. I planted both at the front of the house, both are on the open boarders lining the drive. Wondering if that's not the right place!! The plants were ??3 each and stand about a foot tall excluding the pot. The hebes are called blue star and red edge. Both meant to be dwarf types! All 4 plants are light sandy type soil where I dug out 2 ft deep of clay and replaced with sandy top soil. Have I got them in the wrong place. The front garden faces east and because its more open it catches the wind a tad more than the back. My OH said the front garden is 75deg east!!!!!

I have said before I know nothing of gardening other than the tiny bits I know!!!!!!!!


Hiya red dahlia
Put skimmias out of the sun as much as possible and as sheltered as possible. ,maybe not noted for their scent, I grow a Cornish hybrid caled "Redruth" which is hermaphrodite, self fertile. Last spring....heat wave, remember?, provided masses of scent and bees. Ideally choose different varieties..male n female. Those hebes are dwarf and red edge gives lovely maroon effect in early summer,
If mine, keep hebes there but skimmias at back if you can.
If you like dwarf hebes there are some fascinating foliage varieties now but maybe bit tender for you.
hollie hock

arjak, seedling angst Brillilant. When I sow the seeds I do write the date on the label..............but have never thought about writing the expected germaination date on there as well

Red, I don't have a greenhouse, have you thought about using coldframes? Mine are basically sturdy, mini greenhouses.

V - may leave the one closer to the house and move the one on the edge of the drive. Just need to think of some other cheapish evergreen shrubs to replace. I'm a compact girl don't like messy stuff.

I'm absolutely in love with a hellebore I bought from b&q about 2 weeks ago. Neat, smart, striking and will provide interest all yeAr. It's in the back boarders in a shaded more damp position.

Holy H - I have a 4 ft x 6ft I think plastic greenhouse but have not had chance to get it up. Hence the conservatory doing the hard work!

My soil conditioner is going to improve the back when I can scrape out clay from round my perennials, dig wider boarders then replace with soil conditioner and chicken pellets I think. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong.

Don't know if lidl uk has the same offer but next thursday there are dahlia's on offer at €2.99 in Lidl Ireland. (just in case).

No lidl near me but thinking where the nearest is now. We have an aldi close ish!!
Love to hear about bargains!!


I've grown Red Edge and it got quite big-about 3' x 3' (is that a bit bigger than dwarf?)so maybe watch how close they are to your drive RedD. Again I suppose it depends on the conditions you have. 

That's not what the label says but will watch out. Can you prune or do they not like it. Also hiw do you stop hebes getting leggy and woody. I'm a fan of compact and bushy!
Ok, these dwarf most "dwarf" plants....don't really stop growing. It's the RATE of growth, their slowness, that makes them dwarf. Most hebes will get leggy if not pruned each year. Red dahlia, I too like "compact and bushy" amd most every plant I have is pruned to an extent. ,
Most people don't prune their hebes until they realise they have suddenly become annual haircut of "dwarf" types they will keep their young bushy hebes.
I prune soon, or after flwering or late summer
Thanks verdun! Is it same, take back to nearly last years growth??

Cant find a dahlia offer for the uk, must be an irish thing.



Red dahlia, just enough to maintain bushyness.i always look to "double" up density by pruning to pairs of buds if I can.
For me the dwarf hebes are foliage,plants,but if you want the flowers too,prune spent flowers,ASAP,in summer
My god man your like a walking garden bible. Hop over and sort out my back boarders! It was an extreme pleasure planting in the sandy soil at the front (I painstakingly dug out and replaced) the back is soooo heavy and sticky in comparison it's not as much of a pleasure to deal with. Just hope my stuff comes! My geyser are not showing yet but I have insurance cuttings. My stoksia also seems to have gone to perennial heaven!! (Unless I'm being too previous!)

Have to say my 'Red Edge' ones got to that size in a couple of years so wasn't very slow growing Verd!!

I used to just take individual 'branches' off as well as giving them a trim after flowering Red.

Oh no!!!! Can you take cuttings from them??? If so and easy I will grown replacements and then replace. If you know what I mean

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