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03/07/2014 at 00:15
Wow, how things have changed. At one time. You paid a visit to your GP. He bundled you off to hospital. There. All dignity is thrown to the wind. Yes we will have you in for some tests. So in you went. You were then subjected to all manner of tests and pullings and pokings etc. Did you notice. At no point were you asked. We thimk you might be suffering from XYZ. We believe we can help you. What say you? Most of us just sat back and said. Get on with it. Now. It is just a month ago, I had surgery for bladder cancer. All the tests were done and dusted. OK I ended up with an infection, that in all honesty, caused me more problems than the cancer itself. Now just the other day. I had to go through the same build up. Fill in the four or six page questionaire. Pee into the bottle. Hey love, don't put it on the top shelf. Then another ECG. Chech weight and BMI etc. Have you ever had this? Bloddy hell I answered all these questions before. Now swabs. Are you a MRSA carrier? What size stockings wil you need. Oh! finest fishnet darling of course. How many pillows do you use. Do you realize the risk you face of having a GA. Then of developing DVT etc. By this time Mike is wondering. Hey! you guys are the experts. You suggested all of this. Now. It seems you are trying to ward me off. So, at the end of the day. Do we really need all of this. To be honest. In my own case. I am close to 75. Yes I love life. NO I am not rejoicing at todays way of life. YES, I do often ask in my end of day prayers. Please don't let me wake up. So just as a sample. I wonder. All these questions and answers. In all honesty. Do they tell a story?
03/07/2014 at 08:18

Did the fishnets look good?

03/07/2014 at 09:26

You love life and then pray you dont wake up. Does not make sense.

03/07/2014 at 09:35
I get it Mike

Listen, the NHS are skint, you wouldnt be getting all this treatment if they thought there was no point! Being in hospital, even for tests makes you feel like an invalid, its scary, they are asking the questions because they credit you with enough sense to understand the risks involved- that and they prefer not to ne sued if anything happens!
Trust me Mike we all feel like you from time to time, its an awful horrible, hopless feeling, but, you know what-tough! The big man in the white frock aint ready for you yet, other wise you wouldnt still be here

We are here, talk to us x
03/07/2014 at 09:40

Your hairdresser asks you how you want your hair, your waiter how you'd like your steak. Don't expect the NHS to be any different in making you aware of all the options - especially a person like you that they will quickly realise is intelligent enough to understand everything that is going on.

They know that when a patient knows what is going on they respond better to the treatment, are more aware of things that might not be right - like shouting up about getting what could be an infection before it causes damage rather than just sitting there in pain because "the doctors know what they're doing". They NEED to tell you all this to help your treatment.

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5 messages