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You love life and then pray you dont wake up. Does not make sense.

I get it Mike

Listen, the NHS are skint, you wouldnt be getting all this treatment if they thought there was no point! Being in hospital, even for tests makes you feel like an invalid, its scary, they are asking the questions because they credit you with enough sense to understand the risks involved- that and they prefer not to ne sued if anything happens!
Trust me Mike we all feel like you from time to time, its an awful horrible, hopless feeling, but, you know what-tough! The big man in the white frock aint ready for you yet, other wise you wouldnt still be here

We are here, talk to us x

Your hairdresser asks you how you want your hair, your waiter how you'd like your steak. Don't expect the NHS to be any different in making you aware of all the options - especially a person like you that they will quickly realise is intelligent enough to understand everything that is going on.

They know that when a patient knows what is going on they respond better to the treatment, are more aware of things that might not be right - like shouting up about getting what could be an infection before it causes damage rather than just sitting there in pain because "the doctors know what they're doing". They NEED to tell you all this to help your treatment.

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