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How do I do this so they aren't squeeky. It's one of the only veg on my permitted diet and I would love to keep some to help me in the winter months when I can't grow my own. Or has anyone grown their own in winter??


If you live in Australia * Red Dahlia *. Then you might get some.

If not chop them into bite size segments and freeze them.

Dont you find that they go squeeky when frozen, wonder if vacuum packed before frozen may help! 


Yes!!! vacuum packed/freeze and then boiled for a few mins. That is the answer.

All the posh chefs do it now but you have to have machines to extract the air and then seal them! It becomes expencive and i do not like that. 

Resealable sandwich bags and a plastic straw, to draw the air out and then seal with your iron! Its easy. 

OH uses the same method for my shirts before she sells on e-bay. 

I would not mind but she could let me get out of them!

IMO they do not freeze well if you freeze them domestically. Commercially frozen beans are fine.



What ones Welsh. have you tried. Please.

I have to agree. ' fresh is best'. Just enjoy the season.



I freeze mine raw. Place them loosely on baking paper on a pizza tray or similar and put into freezer for about 1 1/2 hours. Put the frozen beans into a plastic bag and seal with a clip, that way the beans stay loose and you can take out handfuls as needed. This works for French beans, have never tried runner beans.

Don't just boil them in water, they will go soggy. Melt a knob of butter in the saucepan and swirl them around, then add just enough water to stop them burning, turn down to low once simmering until done. If your diet doesn't allow butter, steam them.



I use the same freeze Technic SwissSue for black berries/ raspberries and soft fruit, before they go into the freezer big time. There is nothing worse than hacking at a big block of frozen veg/fruit when you only need a few bits.

Well there is but i will stop there.


Thanks for all the advice, I have used my mums vac pack and tied some then frozen. I don't like having to freezer and store but it's the only green veg I can eat other than courgette. 


Grow more of your own Red Dahlia. its funny how you tastes change, once you have started.


Beans are 'squeeky' if they aren't cooked sufficiently, whether fresh or frozen. The brilliant food writer Simon Hopkinson is very anti squeeky beans

edd I use to grow kale, caul, broc, cabbage, I love my veg but after being v ill it was the veggies making me worse. So I'm root veg, French beans and courgettes only! Unless anyone knows of any low fiber low fodmap veg!!


Yes Red Dahlia that does restrict things a bit.


Yes v v restrictive and some of the foods on that list are high fibre so I can't eat those! 

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