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hi I just moved into a new house and I don't know how to look after this plant in my garden I think it needs cutting back just don't know how far or even what plant it is can any1 help me ill attach a picture of it.




Green Fingered Mikey
It looks abit like a Momosa I have but don't quote me on that as I'm not 100% sure.

  The picture I was looking at was a Euphorbia. Its now in flower. You can cut the stalks back to the base when its finished flowering. Use gloves. The sap will irritate skin especially in sunshine.


I got a euphorbia as well



I'd go so far as to say euphorbia characias subsp wulfenii

Green Fingered Mikey
Glad you guys answered this post my neighbour identified my what she said was a Momosa so I've just googled Europhorbia and matched it to my plant which means I have a Europhorbia to so glad I joined this forum now

I wouldn't ask that neighbour for any gardening advice Michael

Raymond and Michael, and watch out for the sap on your euphorbia.  It's highly caustic ...avoid getting it in your eyes.  When flowering is over cut the entire flowered stem to the ground.  This is when you will see its milky sap.  Best to wear gloves 


Agree with Verdun - don't get the sap on your skin, especially on a sunny day - but apart from that it's a great plant. 

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