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Some thing is eating my beautiful geraniums right up to the top of the plants.  Full of holes......last year I found something like a black and white caterpillar on one of them....must have been alot more......nearly thirty plants were full of holes.  Anyone now how I get rid of them?  A friend suggest I spray the plant with very dilute washing up liquid in a watering can........anyone else heard of this.  Would appreciate some feedback, the garden I look after is for a nursing home. Thanks

You will have very clean caterpillars-this works for aphids to a certain extent-not caterpillars at all

Buy a proper spray-look for eggs under the leaves or pick off the carterpillars.

But it might not be them at all

Hahahahaha.....that's funny LG , will do what you suggest, thanks



Are they still flowering Flower bird? If not cut them right back down water well and hopefully the new growth will come after the pests have gone 


Er...just checking...we are talking hardy geraniums not Pelargoniums aren't we?


Bedding geraniums, and they are in full bloom too, thanx for the feedback addict.


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