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Hi James and welcome.

Lovely photo's and your bamboo is very impressive, there is lots to learn here and everyone is really helpful and friendly.

Happy gardening

Hi, Dovefromabove, thanks for your information about the hanging basket. I am really interested in this way of gardening. And all the flowers from you link is really nice, I love it.

Now I will take your idea, I will buy some seeds online and make some hanging baskets by myself. I will try to grow some flowers. Thanks again.

Good day, philippa smith2, David K and Lisa69, thank you all for the comments and enjoy my garden.

I will show you the bamboo shoot when it comes out.

And now I want to share one vegetable from China, do you have it?


 and we eat the tuber as follow,


Yes, it is Asian vegetable, taste good. Any of you come to China, should call me. I will take you to eat Chinese Nice food.

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