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Hi, everyone,

This is James, and I am a newbie here and also for the gardening.

I am interested in gardening and want to learn from you guys.

By the way, I am from China.

I want to make more friends here.



Hello, James.

What part of China are you from? What is your garden like?

I am from Hangzhou city which is closed to Shanghai. The east part of China.

My garden is not good, so I want to learn to build up and look at your nice garden.


James, that is interesting - a friend of ours is travelling in the far east and China at the moment, and sending us photos of gardens and fields of growing crops.

Can you show us some photos of your garden?  What sort of plants do you like to grow?  Do you want to grow vegetables to eat, or do you want to grow ornamental plants and flowers?

Hi, Dove, how are you. In China, not everyone get a garden in their yards. Population is the problem. Tomorrow will try to send some picture of my yard. I cannot say it is garden, I just plant some trees, like plum blossom, pomelo tree, bamboo and all Chinese plants.

And we also grow some vegetables to eat, like cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes and normal ones, maybe later I can show you something only in China.




That is a very attractive garden James.

Thanks a lot. I think I will take some photos for you. And Iater I can give you something only in China. Hope you will interest in.

James - great photos thank you for sharing them with us - my last home was in the city centre with only a tiny shady yard, but we grew lots of vegetables in pots, baskets and boxes - creative thinking is the answer 

Now I have a bigger garden and more time so I can grow more.  I enjoy growing flowers and shrubs, but I also enjoy growing fruit and vegetable - it is very satisfying to give your family food which you have grown yourself. 

Ashleigh 2

Hi James, lovely garden, I am new here too and everyone has been very friendly and helpful


Jameslu, those trees are very graceful. I love growing vegetables, soft fruit like gooseberries and black currents, and lots of flowers, especially roses.

How cold does it get in the winter where you are? and how hot in the summer?

Where I am in the East of England, the temperature does not usually go very far below freezing, though we can have some surprising winters.

Orchid Lady

Hi Jameslu, I'm fairly new to the forum too and also fairly new to gardening but have learnt so much in the last few weeks, everyone is so friendly and helpful.  Sorry I can't be much use with advice but I just wanted to give you a friendly welcome 

Hi Jameslu. I am newbie too and looking forward to a summer of sorting out my garden with help from everyone on here as they are all very friendly and helpful. I love the trees in your garden and the wall will give you lots of shelter and space for climbers ?

Hello James. Welcome to the forum. I'm another newbie and like Tracey have picked up so much useful info/advice. Your garden looks lovely with the trees. I agree with Pam - the walls would be perfect for all sorts of climbers.

Artjak, thanks. In winter, the temperature will drop to minus 4, and in summer time will go to 40. I don't like winter time. it is wet and cold here.

Thanks for all your comments. I will update more photos for you.


 It is winter time, so it has flowers.


 The bamboo will give me some bamboo shoots when the temperature rises.

 Gardenia will give us fragrance when the flowers blossom out.


Jameslu, the style of planting in your garden is so much different from anything I have seen here in the UK. But you say that you have only a small yard, yet you fit so much into it. From the angles of the pictures, it looks like your yard might be quite long but narrow, and built in a few different styles. Can you please clarify for me the size of your yard and the height of the walls. Where does the sun rise and set? And is every picture of your yard? you had said that you would show more chinese plants, so which are yours and which are of others that you wanted to show? We can't help you without details like these, as they are crucial if you wish your plants to thrive. Everyone on here is friendly and helpful, and I am sure that,like me, they would be fascinated to find out how you manage to grow so much in such a small, shady place. Surely water must be a problem, so close to walls which would absorb a lot and give so much shelter? I am intrigued to know how you can grow such large trees, and also all of those vegetables. That is intensive gardening of a type that I would love to learn. I am sure that, rather than you learning from us, we could learn from you.

Hi, gardenjeannie, good morning.

I think the garden in China and UK is totally different. I know some of you have large yard and full of plants. But in China, we only use a little space for gardening, will show you the full-view of my house. All the pictures are from my house, I take the photos today. All the trees I choose is easy to grow, they have strong lives, so what I should do is to water them and give them some shade in summer, because in my city summer time is hot and dry, other seasons are nice. And also I should get rid of the weed. For some Chinese plant will show you later.

In China, we love to grew fruit tree in the garden.

I want to learn lots from you and the the forum.

Hello James

What a beautiful tranquil looking garden you have  - your photos are a real treat.  As has been said, I'm sure we can learn a lot from you too.


James, lovely photos  

Here in the UK many of us grow flowers in tubs and hanging baskets, to decorate our front porches and patios.  This is a good way of growing attractive plants when you are short of space.  

At this time of year we are planning what annuals we will need for our tubs and baskets when the overnight frosts stop around the end of May.  Some of us will be growing these plants from seed in greenhouses, and others of us will buy the plants from garden centres.

More information here 

Do you grow ornamental plants in this way in China?