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I blame you Addict Yes I've bought those lovely Tulips you showed to on a post "Late May Wedding"

You have inspired me to run out and buy some more Plants/Bulbs but not just the green star I've found it was also too irresistible to buy just one type of  tulip to grow so I bought  "blue heron " and also Two new pots to sit by the front door.

Has anyone else on here been inspired to buy grow, unusual flowers out of your comfort zone. 


My Eucalyptus perriniana, I grew from seed. It reminds me of Australia. I have a seedling Eucalyptus citriodora, I grew from seed this year. The leaves are very citrussy.  I also have Paulownia fargesii seedling from a pod I picked up in Kew gardens this year.

 Chiltern seeds have lots of weird and wonderful things.

I have a white Acnistus australis which is supposedly borderline tender. The parent was blue and lasted several years in the front garden. the current one is white and seeded itself against the house wall. 

It's always worth trying something new.


Gosh when first saw title thought I was in the dog house!!!! Phew in the clear lol. 

I do love unusual stuff. Doesn't have to be a rare. Tulips are pretty bog standard just the one I mentioned is very different to the way a tulip usually looks.

I do dislike the fact that suppliers of plants seem to have decided what we want rather than the other way round. Going for something different will hopefully make them realise we gardeners like more of a selection......well this is my little crusade anyway 


Fidget love Chilterns have bought from them many a time. 

What is the Australian connection with you? Sounds like you lived there.


I'm a chiltern fan as well, I hope they continue in the same manner with the new management.




I have spent a lot of time in Australia in the past twelve years or so as  I have an old friend who lives in Perth. I used it as an excuse to visit , explore, and dive  Ningaloo reef, the great barrier reef, Cocos keeling island, and Christmas island. I did eight week trips every two years.

Unfortunately since the pound nosedived against the ozzy dollar, it's going to be  a while until my next visit .


Last time I went I spent 3weeks as her gardener for her new house, visiting native nurseries and planting suitable natives for growing in practically pure sand.

 They don't call Western Australians sand gropers for nothing.


Wow Fidget diving the reefs must be amazing. Would scare me to death mind not something I would do.

Must stay on topic lol....Just googled Acnistus australis. Never heard of it. Absolutely beautiful. Do you have a picture of your white one and are they prone to changing colour? 


I had three plants from a packet of seed from chiltern.

Two were blue and one white. the white one died the first winter, and the two blue ones lasted about five years. The white one now is in a crack between the house wall and a concrete slab, so there is no chance of moving it, and I can't get cuttings to strike. There will be seed pods as it has about finished flowering. Any takers?


Me pls 


Message me your address and I will send when they ripen. They are like green tomatoes at the moment.



Acnistus australis white

 Earlier summer flowers now turned to seed pods

 plant as it is at the moment. I prune it hard back in spring.



That looks interesting, yes please.



I warn everyone. Chiltern says its tender but a first year flowerer. You may get blue flowers as the white seedling came from a blue plant. This one survived the - 17 frost, but it is growing in a crack against the house wall. the parents were 3 feet away but did not survive.  They had survived five winters previously.

 I have to wait until the pods turn yellow then extract the seed from the flesh. I will send out late  October.


lovely, thank you. I shall be posting another list when I've got it all in, I may have got something you'd like. 


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